Embrace change

Lauren Lukens editor-in-chief lauren.lukens@apps.schoolcraft.edu
Lauren Lukens
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Life never goes in reverse, so look forward to the future
As the winter semester school days spiral to an end and spring arises, everyone is preparing for changes. Those graduating are likely getting ready to transfer to a university or enter the work force full-time, while others may be planning to take summer classes, partake in an internship or relax until next fall comes around. Change is inevitable, natural and normal, but one’s attitude towards life alternations determines their ultimate success.
People are often resistant to variations in their life for fear of the unknown. As time never stops, is it unavoidable for long-term changes, such as physical appearance, as well as short-term alterations, like one’s class schedule. While putting on a fresh pair of pants every day is not detrimental to one’s well being, career and education shifts bring knowledge and new experiences that shape one’s life.
Unfortunately, many people fear upcoming change, such as the end of one’s last sporting season or semester at a school. They often are dreadful of certain aspects of life never being the same, but these people should realize that staying at a standstill is not healthy or productive. After a big step forward, one uses past experiences to gain better understanding, resulting in wisdom. Even after a downfall, people can turn the worst times into a life lesson.
Optimism is key. If outcomes of actions are not going as planned, it is okay to get frustrated, but make sure to keep an open mind. It is said that when one door closes, another opens; this applies to all of life’s obstacles. One never wants to miss an open door with opportunity on the other side because of sadness or other emotions resulting from a loss.
It is known that not all changes are positive though, as suffering the death of a loved one and other inevitable circumstances often cause depression or a lost state of mind. Losing a relative often brings other family members closer together though, which builds a support system, helping all see a better future.
As one ages, they look back at all the good happenings in their life that resulted from past adjustments. For both expected and unexpected changes, one gains personal growth, flexibility, life values, inner strength, opportunities and new beginnings.
In times of doubt, remember that change is natural. Unplanned outcomes of situations are not the end of the world, and beneficial results occur out of every situation.
Expect the unexpected, and be able to adapt to any life circumstance with a positive attitude rather than rejecting constant, unstoppable change. Second chances are rare and time only goes forward, so look on the bright side to allow easy transitions throughout life’s many phases.