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Casey Samyn
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Tips for moving out for the first time
In almost every young adult’s life, there comes a time where one must move out of their parents’ home. This event, although exciting, is not easy. Many steps have to be followed in order to make sure an individual succeeds with their first place and does not end up moving back with their parents’.
First, find what apartments or houses can be rented in the area one plan to moves to. It is always smart to have back up options in case the first choice does not work out. Keep in mind that apartments often provide tenants with Wi-Fi and a few other basic appliances, while houses may not.
Make sure to add what the total monthly expenditures will be, as monetary costs are the most important factor in decision making. Once one is sure that they can afford rent, utilities, gas, food and still be able to put some money into savings each month, it is time to move forward with the decision.
While preparing to move in, students should make a list of everything they need, from household items to clothing. Then, they must thoroughly clean their bedroom. Crossing items off the shopping list based on what one finds as they clean can save a lot of money.
Students should take to local thrift stores, garage sales or dollar stores for dish-ware and utensils. Often, thrift stores will have gently used televisions and furniture to purchase at greatly reduced prices.
However, furniture should not be purchased until officially moved in, especially if it is from a thrift store. Students need to make sure to measure the doors that larger items, such as couches, will need to fit through and make sure they can easily lift it with the help of one or two friends.
Once all of the furnishings are in the apartment, students also need to plan out their eating habits. Being busy between classes, working and homework puts many students in the mindset that the McDonald’s right around the corner is a perfect dinner option. It is extremely easy to gain weight and spend too much money with this mindset. Planning out times to eat and setting a specific budget for grocery purchases helps students keep their health and bank accounts in check.
It is important for students to move out only when they are sure they are ready, otherwise they may end up back with their parents. Following these steps can help students build a steady foundation for a successful academic career and a responsible work ethic.