Collaboration of two

Badbadnotgood and Ghostface Killah release compilation album
“Sour Soul” is a collaboration album from Canadian hip-hop/jazz group Badbadnotgood and former Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah. The collaboration album, “Sour Soul” was released Feb. 24, despite a strong performance by Badbadnotgood, Ghostface Killah leaves something to desire.
Strictly instrumental, the Canadian trio Badbadnotgood consists of drums, keys and bass. The group takes a blend of jazz and hip-hop to lay down some of the most musical beats the genre has seen in a long time. The live instrumentals give “Sour Soul” a dynamic and cohesive feel from start to finish and create an excellent canvas for Ghostface Killah to rhyme over. While Ghostface does most the rapping over the instrumentals, there are guest features in the album including Danny Brown, Elzhi, Tree and DOOM. Standout tracks are “Six Degrees feat. Danny Brown” and “Ray Gun feat. DOOM,” both demonstrating strong performances by both Badbadnotgood and Ghostface Killah.
While Badbadnotgood is on point throughout, Ghostface Killah is not always at his best in the album. Ghostface’s performance is not bad, but leaves something to be desired. The lyrics, word play and metaphors are average. It is a shame that Ghostface Killah does not hold up his end of the deal while Badbadnotgood is outstanding.
Clocking in at only thirty-three minutes in length, the album is rather short with only 12 tracks—three instrumental. The lack of musical content found on the album holds “Sour Soul” back from being successful.
Despite strong work from Badbadnotgood, “Sour Soul” stands as a decent hip-hop release, but not a great one. The record is not the best, but fails to reach its full potential and ends up being a mixed package. It is an album with sensational instrumentals accompanied by weak rhymes due to Ghostface Killah, “Sour Soul” is an alright record that could have been amazing.