Following her arrow

Kacey Musgraves excites on Michigan tour stop
By Caitlin LeRoux
Online Editor
Rating 5 out of 5 stars
On April 8 Kacey Musgraves brought her “Same Tour Different Trailer” tour to Ann Arbor, filled with frolicking country tunes and sparkling cowboy boots. Make no mistake, for all the bedazzled jubilance of Musgraves performance, including her band in their light strung button-down shirts, it was just as powerful in its songwriting as its joy-filled stage presence.

Musgraves dazzles audience with her tambourine in hand during “Blowin’ Smoke.”

The country singer/songwriter opened the night with the first track of her album, “Same Trailer Different Park,” titled “Silver Lining.” The song entranced the audience with its rhythmic beat and heartening lyrics, and started the show with a happy atmosphere.
Throughout the performance Musgraves ushered in her smash singles and crowd favorites, including the boisterous “Blowin’ Smoke” where she mulls on a life of waiting tables. The track, displaying the artist’s tambourine-playing talent, propelled concertgoers to eagerly clap along to the pulsing drum beat. “Blowin’ Smoke” is the second single from Musgraves debut album, and one of her most successful radio hits.
Musgraves further delighted the crowd with one of her biggest hits “Merry Go ‘Round” effortlessly changing between guitars and keeping the crowd focused. Proving herself to be multi-talented, she strummed her acoustic guitar to accompany her strong voice. The real standout was just how much of a wordsmith Musgraves is. She wrote the majority of the songs performed, all of which had a story to tell about simple concepts and life but that were still all unique to her country-folk style.
Grammy-award winning artist Kacey Musgraves performs at the Michigan Theater, opening with “Silver Lining.”

While the majority of the show highlighted Musgraves’ own hits, she performed some crowd pleasing covers. One in which was a slower version of “Mama’s Broken Heart” by Miranda Lambert, a track that reached to number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S., and further emphasized Musgraves’ skill as she was a principle writer on the track.
When it came down to performing her newest single “Biscuits” which was released on March 17 the crowd was further amused. With the lyrics chiding people to “Mind their own biscuits” it follows one of Musgraves’ principle themes in her writing, to follow your own path.
Musgraves reappeared for her encore performance after the crowd begged and cheered, coming out with what’s been her first top ten single, “Follow Your Arrow.” The lyrics and music were exuberant and further employed the crowd to feel the same.
The country artist and her band end the show with an acoustic performance of “Happy Trails.”

The set ended on a sweet note, with a cover of Roy Roger’s “Happy Trails” stressing to the crowd “Happy trails until we meet again,” using no instruments, just the harmonizing voices of Musgraves and her band.
The concert was a festive event, with catchy country tracks and an audience that embraced Musgraves’ welcoming personality and undeniable skill. Musgraves’ debut album, “Same Trailer Different Park,” is available now. Stay tuned to Musgraves because this June we will see the release of her sophomore album, and it is sure to be another standout for the award-winning singer.