The ultimate stepping stone

Lauren Lukens editor-in-chief
Lauren Lukens
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Schoolcraft takes the cake compared to other local colleges
People all over the world make their way to metro Detroit for numerous reasons, and many make Livonia their short-term or permanent stomping grounds. Being one of the finest higher learning institutes in the area, Schoolcraft College is a common choice for those seeking education past high school; there is exceptional reasoning for this.
Schoolcraft has a spot for everyone. Associate’s degrees of various disciplines are offered, like nursing, science and culinary arts. Specialty programs, such as the police and firefighting academies, land graduates a job in their trade almost immediately after earning a certificate. Even Continuing Education courses allow people of all ages and education levels to go back to school in a low-stress environment.
Some people use the campus as a pit stop on their way to a university, while others choose the Wayne State and University of Toledo branches of the Jeffress Center to complete a bachelor’s with the new Schoolcraft to U partnership. Schoolcraft even desires to have four-year programs of its own in the future, which is unheard of in Michigan.
The variety of options Schoolcraft offers brings diverse personalities to campus. Whether in the classroom, attending a free event, studying in an open area or hanging out on campus, students can meet inspirational faculty, make life-changing friends and, if nothing else, experience one-of-a-kind people-watching.
Opportunities for students to come together to share ideas and grow as students are offered at Schoolcraft. At other local colleges, many students strictly go to campus to attend class, and once dismissed, they head straight to their car to leave. At Schoolcraft, there is a large attendance to all events, such as School Daze and the Earth Day Celebration, because students actually enjoy the campus atmosphere and are eager to learn.
Over 40 clubs are active throughout the year, which include the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, Rugby Club, The Schoolcraft Connection and Poképals. These are simple ways for one to get involved, build their resume, make friends and gain responsibility. Sports teams are also available in the fall, winter and spring, all creating a memorable college experience and attracting athletes from across the globe.
Those who want to gain leadership experience can take higher roles in clubs or participate in volunteer activities, such as joining an event committee. Even if leading others is not appealing to a student, they can still get involved however they feel comfortable due to the endless opportunities available.
People who need help in classes can get free one-on-one tutoring in the Learning Assistance Center (LAC), giving every student the opportunity to succeed. Those who feel they excel in a particular subject can even become a paid LAC tutor, which benefits both themselves and the campus population.
Local students are not the only ones getting involved in Schoolcraft’s rigorous programs and clubs, as the Second Language programs will increase the amount of international students starting in the spring, and thus improve the learning community. The International Institute already caters to students of various cultures, and both faculty and classmates learn from interacting with students that are not from the United States.
Students can trust Schoolcraft to have small class sizes and a no-classes-cancelled guarantee, which gives students comfort when enrolling. With two convenient locations in Livonia and the Garden City Radcliff campus, as well as online and Open Entry/Open Exit classes, people in almost any situation can find classes accommodating their schedules to earn a degree. Scholarships, financial aid and jobs available make it affordable to attend one of the best colleges Michigan, which is why thousands of people enroll in classes each semester.
From honors students to Continuing Education, Schoolcraft is well known for valuing education, offering affordable classes and being convenient. After attending class every semester for two years, I can honestly say that Schoolcraft is the best choice right out of high school for metro Detroiters, and it is a smart decision to register at any age if desiring a phenomenal education.