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World’s premiere trade show puts the gaming industry on display
Imagine being a game developer working on an up and coming release and trying to suppress the urge to announce the game too early. That is where the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, the biggest gaming convention expo in the world, comes into play.
This expo allows video game developers to announce and preview games that they have worked tirelessly on for years. E3 is the perfect platform to create hype over the games, with the help of media, press and online streaming.

Image from o.canada.com The 2014 convention was held in Los Angeles, displaying the latest works from game developers, including a video game published by Nintendo, “Splatoon,” which is set to release this May.
Image from o.canada.com
The 2014 convention was held in Los Angeles, displaying the latest works from game developers, including a video game published by Nintendo, “Splatoon,” which is set to release this May.

It is hosted every year around the beginning of summer and has a wide variety of developers and publishers showcasing what they have in store next for gaming. This year, the convention will be hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 16 to 18 by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), which boasts membership of the largest mainstream videogame publishers in the industry. Over 125 developers will be exhibitors at E3, including developers like Nintendo, press like IGN Entertainment and other expos, like the Game Developers Conference (GDC).
Other than exhibitions, some publishers hold their own conferences at E3. Last year, Sony, Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft held conferences showing off cinematic and gameplay trailers for upcoming games, many which still have still not been released. Offsetting this, Nintendo stated they will only be showcasing 2015 releases at this years E3, but it does not include the new “Legend of Zelda” for Wii U. As Nitendo’s Group Manager for the Software Development Group, Eiji Aonuma announced, “The Legend of Zelda game for Wii U is no longer targeted as a 2015 release.”
Nintendo is likely to talk about Super Smash Bros and a re-release of amiibo for the game at their E3 Nintendo direct. Sony is likely to spend a large portion of the conference talking about Project Morpheus, a peripheral for virtual reality they announced at the Tokyo Game Show last year. Microsoft will speak at length about Windows 10 integration and go into the details of their new game streaming service, as well as the new Xbox app on Windows 10.
Ubisoft and Electronic Arts will most likely follow predictable patterns and apologize for past mistakes. It is up in the air to see what Bethesda, the developers of “The Elder Scrolls” and “Fallout” series, will have in store for E3. Bethesda excitedly shared, “Please plan to join us the evening of June 14, 2015 for our first-ever E3 Showcase!” as they plan to host their very first conference this year.
The news of which has led many to believe they are announcing a new title. The rumor mill seems to point toward that title being “Fallout 4,” a highly anticipated rpg/shooter. Gamers are also still expecting “Half-Life 3” to be announced by Valve. Valve founder Gabe Newell shared with the Washington Post, “When we started out we were a single-player video game company that could have been really successful just doing Half-Life sequel after Half- Life sequel, but we collectively said let’s try to make multiplayer games even though there’s never been a commercial successful multiplayer game.” Acknowledging the fact that gamers want more from the “Half-Life” series he knows what the people want, but it is a matter of if he actually will follow through with fulfilling their wants.
There are also rumors that “Mass Effect 4” by BioWare will be officially announced at E3, but at least it is common knowledge that it is already in production.
E3 is a professional trade event. Only members of the Interactive entertainment, arts and media industry related professionals are allowed to attend.
However, for interested gamers the media provides a great deal of live coverage for the event and the big conferences are all live-streamed over the web as well on sites like gametrailers. com. So if finding out what is in store from the best game developers is an interest, be sure to stay updated with E3 news via web the month of June. One will have to wait to see what sort of surprises exhibitors will have on display.