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Informal meet and greet gives baseball and softball coaches opportunity to meet interested players
The newly formed Schoolcraft Baseball and Softball programs recently held their first meetings open to students interested in potentially joining the programs. The meetings gave an opportunity for the coaches to meet players and deliver information about the program, eligibility and the academic services available to Schoolcraft athletes.
On Wednesday, April 8, head coach Rob Fey brought in several high school recruits for a tour of the college and hosted a meeting for current Schoolcraft students regarding the Schoolcraft baseball program. Director of Athletics Sidney Fox, Schoolcraft alumnus and Student Academic Support Services Coordinator Ryan Lemasters and recently named assistant coach George Kontos joined Fey in addressing potential baseball players about tryouts, academic eligibility requirements and team plans for their inaugural season in Spring 2016.
Tryout dates were not announced, but Fey advised that players be ready to tryout in late May. Fey also discussed plans to play in the fall and announced that the team will play down south to begin its season next spring, but a specific location was not released.
Lemasters spoke about the academic support networks that are available to Schoolcraft athletes and noted that athletes must be enrolled in 12 credit hours and have a GPA of 2.0 or higher to be eligible to play.
“Most programs struggle their first few years, but thre large amount of high caliber players that are interested in joining Schoolcraft Baseball, I expect this team to be highly competetive right off the bat in our first year of play,” said Fey.
Fey advised all players interested in joining the team to email him with information about themselves such as their position, former teams and contact information of former and/or current coaches. Coach Fey can be reached at [email protected] schoolcraft.edu.
On Monday, April 6, potential softball athletes for the Ocelots met with head coach Rey Linares, Fox and Lemasters, as they spoke with students about academics and athletics at the collegiate level.
Dates for tryouts have not yet been set but are expected to be held in mid to late May.
“Scrimmages will take place in the fall once the team forms, and practices will begin after scrimmages,” said Linares. “The team will also take a trip down south during spring break to go into a warmer climate to prepare for the spring season.”
LeMasters spoke about the academic support network that is available for athletes. College tutors will be available during the season to ensure that college athletes get the assistance and support needed to keep them on track with their classes.
More details will come soon as the program continues to develop. Interested students can contact Coach Rey Linares through email at [email protected] schoolcraft.edu.