Peaceful protests work

Latest violent protests in Baltimore are wrong
By Elaine Gerou
Mahatma Ghandi once said, “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”
While I understand why black America is angry and upset with today’s law enforcement, I do not see where the rioters’ logic is in violence and destruction.
If I have learned one valuable lesson in all the history classes I have taken in my life, it is the importantance to act and voice one’s opinion in order to change and make a difference in the world. But I also learned that violence is not the way to create positive change. Violence is negative; therefore, adding violence (negativity) to any equation never makes the outcome more positive—the outcome will always inevitably be more negative. That’s just how math works.
Ghandi also said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
If someone goes about protest with violence, they are going against the change they want to see, as I am assuming the rioters want respect, equality and peace. We cannot fight fire with fire; we need water to extinguish the flames.
Some of the most outstandingly influential people I learned about in my history classes knew exactly how to effectively protest. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks are probably two of the most well known African Americans from the Civil Rights Movement who made a real difference, and they changed the nation in a PEACEFUL manner!
Although I fully agree that today’s police brutality against African Americans is outrageous and needs to change, I know violence and literal fire will not bring this situation miraculously to the peace, respect and equality we all strive for.
I do not want for someone to have to worry they will get pulled over for driving while black, and I definitely do not ever wish families to need to worry about their sons, daughters, brothers and sisters getting physically or verbally attacked or even murdered by their own community’s law enforcement. I want to see change, but I want it to be pursued in the correct way.
Instead of lashing out all in anger in a destructive manner, we need to direct our energy into more productive activities, such as voicing our opinions verbally and on paper to officials and everyone else we know in a polite manner. We also need to brainstorm a solution to the problem rather than bash the problem. Talking and complaining never gets anyone anywhere. We need to find a way to retrain law enforcement from the military state of mind and remind them the reason that they wanted to become law enforcement, to SERVE and PROTECT the people. It also needs to be reinforced that guns should never be used unless absolutely necessary.
I am tired of seeing bloodshed from all of my neighbors throughout the country. Although we may appear different shades on the outside, colors are just an illusion made up by our eyes. We all consist of the same molecules, and we all feel pain when we bleed. Let’s end this war with peace, for love overcomes all.