Say Geronimo!

Sheppard makes Michigan stop on July 31
By Camyle Cryderman
Managing editor
Sheppard_bootstrap_header_2_20Sheppard, a six member musical group from Australia, is an indie pop band making their mark on mainstream music. Formed in 2009, the group began as a duo between brother-sister pair Amy and George Sheppard. Sticking with the family, the two person team consisting of vocals and piano decided to call themselves by their last name, thus Sheppard was born. By 2011, a third Sheppard sibling plus three other friends joined the group adding guitar, drums, and background vocal, kick starting their presence as an up and coming band.
Only performing in four locations in North America this year, Sheppard will continue their small Midwestern tour by playing at The Pike Room at the Crofoot in Pontiac, MI this Friday, July 31. With special guests Lawson, and Stereo Jane playing along with them, it is sure to be an exciting night in an intimate setting. Still on sale, tickets are only $12 or $15 at the doors and can be purchased on their website at
In August 2012, the group released their first five-track EP simply titled “Sheppard.” Although their compositions did not fair extremely well on the music charts, their lead song “Let Me Down Easy” was nominated for best independent release at the ARIA music awards in 2013. Following this success, the band reevaluated their strengths and let go of their former drum player to be replaced by Dean Gordon, completing the “Sheppard” that is known and loved today.
Although the group has a six year history, their first big break in the industry did not come until February 2014 after the release of their second single “Geronimo.” George, Amy, and band guitarist Jay Bovino wrote the hit song. The collaboration between the three’s differing music styles resulted in a catchy pop ballad that went 5x platinum and spent three weeks in the number one spot on the ARIA singles chart in Australia. The song only peaked at number 53 in The United States on the Billboard top 100 chart, but it is still widely played on the radio and has transformed many people into Sheppard fans.
Their “Bombs Away” tour will host songs from their current album of the same name, as well as a special feature on their most popular single, “Geronimo.” Sure to represent their alternative pop sound, their tour will not only excite fans, but push Sheppard onto the American music scene even more. From their friendly look and relatable feel to their memorable music, Sheppard may have just recently become more widely known, but now they are here to stay.