College effort trumps pro


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Professional players struggle to maintain intensity

Jimmy Dyer News Editor
Jimmy Dyer
News Editor
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A common argument heard in many sport-related conversations is whether college basketball or the NBA is preferred. Regardless of one’s opinion, there is a significant difference in the effort put into both levels with an undeniably much greater effort put in by collegiate athletes than there is at the professional level. When players start to sign multi-million dollar contracts, many seem to develop a mentality that they don’t have to give 150 percent like they did in college. Player effort exerted in college games are more significant because for many players, they are one step away from their ultimate goal to get paid to play professionally.
Other than the playoffs, the NBA is a joke. It’s ran by millionaires who pay players millions to give a half-assed effort 90 percent of the season, and if you’re team is lucky enough to have a player like LeBron or Blake Griffin on your team, the players actually start to try when the postseason comes around.
Growing up, basketball has always surrounded my life. My dad has been a high-school basketball coach since before I was even born, so I’ve learned about the game while growing up. I’ve been to a countless number of Detroit Pistons, University of Michigan and Michigan State games; the plays that are made, the defense, and simply overall, the play level is much more intense than an NBA game. Therefore, through my experiences I can say that college is 100 times more interesting than the NBA.
College basketball season is the greatest time of the year. There is so much enthusiasm in every single game you watch. Whether its Michigan vs. Michigan State or Hillsdale vs. CMU, nothing can closely compare to the excitement that goes into March Madness. The NBA just can’t compete with college basketball’s intensity— sorry LeBron.
It is still enjoyable watching the NBA if it’s a big matchup game, but other than that, it’s just another channel on TV. There never seems to be any hustle put into the games when the players are paid millions of dollars to just jog up and down the court. At one time, professionals were the best of the best in college, and some even skipped college, but there is a lack of excitement in most games at the professional level.
The level of effort is what makes the college games more intense than the NBA. I personally believe that college is and always will be more entertaining than the NBA. The players know that’s it’s their last chance to make it to the big show and are willing