May the season begin

Fall 2015 set to please gamers across the nation 
Industry leading videogame developers always push to get their best videogames out just in time for fall season. From September through Black Friday, gamers can find new releases hitting store shelves and online every week. This year boasts an especially exceptional lineup that surely will satisfy any gamer’s needs. If gamers are looking for an action-packed adventure, Ubisoft has them covered this fall. Ubisoft’s flagship franchise, Assassin’s Creed, launches its next edition “Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate” on Oct. 23. Despite the disappointment surrounding the previous entry, “Unity,” this game has still generated hype in the gaming community. Ubisoft is also releasing Tom Clancy’s “Rainbow Six Siege” ten days earlier on Oct. 13. Shooter fans are excited and can look forward to destructible environments, awesome gadgets and innovative cooperative gameplay.
If Ubisoft is not top choice for gamers this fall, Nintendo has an excellent line up as well. To hold fans over until Zelda U, release date TBA, Nintendo is releasing “The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes” on Oct. 23. and “Yoshi’s Wooly World” on Oct. 16. In addition, Nintendo has also recently released the iconic “Super Mario Maker” on Sept. 11 and will release “Star Fox: Zero” this fall as icing on the cake. No one can accuse Nintendo of taking it easy this year.
Other Japanese developers have some fantastic games in store. Two weeaboo dream games are slated for North American release with “Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax” coming out on Oct. 6 and “Dragon Quest: Heroes” coming out on Oct. 13. On Nov. 10, gamer’s favorite archaeologist and ass kicker, Lara Croft, gets an origin story with the release of “Rise of the Tomb Raider” as well.
When Nov. 10 rolls around, most role playing gamer fans can kiss their social lives goodbye because the most anticipated game of the year “Fallout 4” hits stores that day. For other gamers looking for an alternative, the new entry to the popular Japanese ‘Tales’ franchise comes out Oct. 20. “Tales of Zestiria” is an especially notable entry because it is the first in the series to be released on PC as consoles. Strategy fans have not been forgotten this seas on either; the new “Civilization: Beyond Earth” is expecting a massive expansion “Rising Tide” on Oct. 9, and on Sept. 1, “Nobunaga’s Ambition” launched from Koei.
Strategy gamers on PlayStation 4 will get countless hours of entertainment conquering Japan. Many notable indie strategy titles are coming out this fall too, such as “Sword Coast Legends,” “Act of Aggression,” “The Talos Principle” and console versions of “Wasteland 2.”.
Shooter fans will certainly be too pre-occupied to bother other genres with all the action packed treats coming. The long awaited “Halo 5” is slated for Oct. 27. While not as anticipated as its two predecessors, it still leaves gamers waiting with bated breath for the next entry into one of the biggest franchises in the industry. That is not all the genre has to offer for the season though. Call of Duty fans are optimistic the new gameplay mechanics might revitalize the franchise in “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” on Nov. 6. Star Wars fans will also get a game sequel they have been waiting on for a decade with the release of “Star Wars: Battlefront 3.”
Fall 2015 will be amazing, but at what price? This sentiment can be applied not only to the season, but many of the games from EA, Ubisoft and other AAA developers. Take cover and hide that wallet, the AAA developers are coming.