Michigan’s metal maniacs

Carnis Immortalis takes on the Michigan’s metal scene
By Austin Vicars
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Carnis Immortalis plays Devastation on the Nation on Oct. 5 at The Ritz in Warren, Michigan.
Carnis Immortalis plays Devastation on the Nation on Oct. 5 at The Ritz in Warren, Michigan.

Michigan is home to some of the biggest metal bands of today, including The Black Dahlia Murder and Battlecross, which has fans wondering, who is next? Carnis Immortalis, a death metal band hailing from Garden City, Michigan, brings a relentless sonic attack drawing influence from bands like Slayer, GWAR, Cannibal Corpse and Nile. The quartet is comprised of vocalist Jalen Wallace, guitarist Jesse Buehler and Craig Kirk, bassist Kyle Wagner and drummer Shane Baker.
Carnis Immortalis has had a productive year since playing their first show in March. Over the past year, they have played with several national acts including Canada’s Beyond Creation, Colordao’s Allegaeon, Sweden’s Insomnium and more.
On Oct 5., the band is scheduled to play the Metal Injection sponsored tour Devastation on the Nation with national acts Origin, Aeon, Krisiun, Alterbeast, Soreption and Ingested among others. The tour package offers eight bands from four different countries and could be the prevalent show of Carnis Immortalis’s young career. The Garden City death metal group will open the show along with fellow local act For These Reasons I Believe. Fans of death metal everywhere can gather at The Ritz in Warren, Michigan at 6 p.m. on Oct. 5 for a night filled with devastation and metal. Tickets are $16 ahead of time and $20 at the door.
Carnis Immortalis is one of the most unique bands in Michigan. In a scene that is oversaturated with metalcore bands, Carnis stands in a league of their own as death metal’s representatives.
“I like being the undebatable fastest and heaviest thing in town,” the band’s drummer Shane Baker said.
The group indeed sounds heavier, faster and darker than any band in the Metro Detroit area. Often elapsing 200 bpm, Carnis gives fans a relentless listening experience.
“We’re here to rip your faces off,” Baker said.
The band’s sound is best described as straightforward death metal. This straightforwardness is a refreshing, old school approach to death metal that is not often seen anymore.
Guitarists Jesse Buehler and Craig Kirk and bassist Kyle Wagner combine rapid riffs with technical solo work to make up the band’s string section. Baker uses driving blast beats and fast double bass drumming to keep the band’s sound pedal to the metal at all times, pun intended. Vocalist Jalen Wallace lends his shrieks and howls to the band’s songs with a powerful vocal delivery and a commanding stage presence.
In under a year, Carnis Immortalis has already made a major impact on the local metal scene. The brutal quintet looks to continue their momentum at the Devastation Of The Nation show on Oct. 5 at The Ritz. Fans can look forward to one of the heaviest shows to hit the mitten in years as Carnis Immortalis and company get ready to devastate Warren, Michigan.
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