Indulge a little

Elaine Gerou editor-in-chief
Elaine Gerou
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Enjoy the finer things in life
I constantly find myself getting caught up in life, being preoccupied with activities that don’t sing to my soul, and upon realization of my behavior and mood, I think to myself, “This is not the way to live.”
In a USA Today article titled “Life expectancy in the USA hits a record high,” written by Larry Copeland and published in October of 2014, it said the life expectancy of a U.S. citizen is now 78.8 years old, which is 28,762 days. At 20-years-old, I have already used up 7,300 days. Approaching 21 in April with only about 21,000 days to live (assuming I hit the average lifespan in our country), I will not allow it to be an option to waste days and be unproductive.
Responsibilities must be taken care of, but people who strive to live rather than to simply exist must indulge a little every single day.
Alicia Keys recently came out with a 2015 song called “28,000 Days,” and the lyrics read, “There’s only 28 thousand days/ Who would you love? Where would you go?/ What would you celebrate?/ I’m telling you that life’s too short to just throw it away/ So have the time of your life.”
Image from With the average life lasting about 28,000 days, one should strive for joy and productivity in each day.
Image from
With the average life lasting about 28,000 days, one should strive for joy and productivity in each day.

Think about that. With such a limited life, you should strive to feel joy in everyday, but many people get busy and forget to care about themselves. Whether it be pleasure reading, working out, watching television, talking on the phone, being outside, spending quality time with friends and family or anything else that makes your soul smile, you should make time for it everyday. Doing what you love, even if it is only for 10 minutes a day, will keep you sane during stressful times.
College students especially can easily get stressed when having several classes, a job and several other responsibilities to balance. Although we usually strive to achieve the best mark possible, it is important to not neglect our other aspects of life, such as friends, family and personal time. Setting aside a short time period to relax will not make you fail your exam and if you have been studying hard all week, it is okay to let loose every now and then to unwind.
If a person is working towards a goal, such as losing weight for example, and they have already lost a few pounds after a week or so of working out and eating healthy, indulging in a tasty treat to satisfy the taste buds will not gain that weight back or make them fat.
Although it is always necessary to keep your eyes on the prize, it is healthy to take breaks while on the journey towards a long-term goal. For example, the Tour de France is an extremely long, difficult race to complete, and all those elite bikers still must take breaks everyday in order to stay strong for the next day. Humans are not machines and are not made to function like such. Remember to indulge a bit every day in what makes you feel alive. Life will be better that way.