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Female athletes mark their territory in the sports world
Professional female athletes have always trained and played hard to accomplish the success they earned throughout their careers. Unfortunately, most female athletes are not praised the same as male athletes. Women get a slice of the limelight and glory; however, a much larger slice of applause goes to female athletes as they make big headlines on the news and social media outlets. In recent years, female athletes have gradually made a name for themselves, showing their skills and talents on and off of their playing grounds.
U.S. American professional tennis player, Serena Williams, successfully won her 21st grand slam title, which is done by winning three major singles. Williams took victory in the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon.
Female champions are growing due to dedication, passion, commitment and drive—much more than winning a single event, but female athletics still get thrown on the back burner without being acknowledged the way men are. Thankfully, the triumph of the many fierce women making names for themselves and their gender is paving a new road for young girls to dream big and make their dreams a reality.
Image from sun journal.com US Women’s Soccer team celebrate the 2015 World Cup Championship in Canada, showing women’s advancement in sports.
Image from sun journal.com
US Women’s Soccer team celebrate the 2015 World Cup Championship in Canada, showing women’s
advancement in sports.

At the age of 28, UFC fighter, Ronda Rousey has 12 wins, followed by three knock outs, nine submissions and zero losses. On Aug. 1, Rousey KO’d Beth Correia in a hasty 34 seconds. This was not the first time Rousey fought for a win in such little time, as she holds the second fastest win in UFC when she KO’d Alexis Davis in 16 seconds. The number one fastest win belongs to male UFC fighter, Andrei Arlovski at 15 seconds defeating Paul Buento in 2005.
While individual women are reaching their personal goals, professional women’s sport associations are also gaining popularity worldwide, as U.S. Women’s Soccer won their third World Cup against Japan this past July. Although women’s soccer has always been competitive, the stakes rose. The team battled through pain and injury, pushing through countless hours of practice and making several sacrifices to concoct success. These women have not only fought for their teams and their titles, they have fought for all women to not give up on their goals. This has been the year that women have proven themselves, leading other young female athletes to follow in their footsteps.
For the first time in NBA history, two former WNBA players set the bar even higher for women. The San Antonio Spurs hired retired professional basketball player, Becky Hammon, as the full-time assistant coach on Aug. 5, who will coach alongside the legendary head coach, Greg Popovich. Hammon also had a successful trial run as the first female head coach for the NBA’s summer league. She led the Spurs to the Las Vegas Summer League title on July 20.
A week after Hammon’s breakthrough, the Sacramento Kings also hired one of the greatest in WNBA and basketball hall of famer, Nancy Lieberman as their assistant coach.
Although professional female athletes have marked their way through decades of trial and tribulation, this could be the revolution for young girls with big dreams. This may only be the beginning after an outstanding year for women. Hats off to the ladies, 2015 will go down in history with many changes in