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Many uneducated on global warming
Many theories of global warming are myths. People hear one idea about what global warming is, and it becomes a fact in their mind. However, more than likely, that “fact” is shared by a news or information source and told from person to person, each with a different understanding of what they think they heard. After all this misinformation never ends up being the message that it started off as; much like the game telephone. Global warming is a hot debated topic, and the discussions lead to many people being misinformed. One common misconception is that global warming is completely the result of human pollution, which is untrue. In reality, this “global warming” phase is a natural transition for Earth, and pollution is speeding up this natural reaction. According to Gary Barr’s published book on climate change in 2007 a cycle is something that repeats, and the Earth has been through many of these cycles that cause it to alternate between ice ages and periods of higher-than-average temperatures. These climate cycles are a very gradual and slow change and can take up to thousands of years.
However, since humans are polluting and producing high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), it is causing it to speed up. The IPCC found that it is extremely likely that that human activity has been the dominant cause of the rapid warming. This cycle we are in would be happening at a much slower rate, but regardless of pollution, Earth’s atmosphere was going to go into a warming phase with or without humans.
The majority of the population is miseducated on the debatable topic of global warming.
The majority of the population is miseducated on the debatable topic of global warming.

Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration with this topic is that the pollution from human waste, including CO2, harms the ozone layer. This is a separate phenomenon from “global warming”; when these gasses are in the atmosphere, it causes the Greenhouse Effect. This is when the earth’s surface is warmed because the radiation from the sun is not able to escape back into outer space.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency shares the astonishing fact on their website that carbon dioxide can stay in the atmosphere for nearly a century. In other words, it would take approximately over 100 years for the gasses we have created in the ozone to completely dissipate from earth.
As a species, we need to be more aware of the negative impact we are causing on this planet. However, saying that humans are the sole cause to global warming is an uneducated oversimplification. More material needs to be taught about global warming, so people can decipher fact from fiction.
Most importantly, people need to take responsibility for the gasses in the atmosphere and disrupting the ozone, which are our negative contributions that speed up earth’s natural course by polluting.
Being correctly educated on topics, especially one as controversial as global warming, is imperative if it is going to be discussed with as much heat that it carries.