Riding towards success

Join the fall frenzy movement today
By The Schoolcraft 
Connection Editorial Staff

Photo by Alex Reigh Cory Kramer, Livonia resident, prepares himself for the Fall Frenzy competition at Schoolcraft College on the 26th.
Photo by Alex Reigh
Cory Kramer, Livonia resident, prepares himself for the Fall Frenzy competition at Schoolcraft College on the 26th.

If you aspire to get fit, meet new people and have the chance to win a scholarship and trophy along with bragging rights, then Fall Frenzy is for you.
Schoolcraft’s very own Fitness Center is participating in this crazy, nation-wide biking tournament for the third annual year starting Oct. 6 at midnight. Last year, the Ocelot nation was able to feast on victory at the end of the five-week competition, earning the Golden Spokes trophy, and this Fall semester, Schoolcraft hopes to repeat as champs.
What makes this biking competition so unique and separate from others is that Interactive Fitness, a company that specializes in virtual-reality exercise equipment, runs it. Founded in 2009 and based out of Sunnyville, California, the company’s main product is the Expresso Bike, which is the exclusive bike used in the tournament.
Schoolcraft owns nine of these Precor Upright and Recumbent bikes—all less than five years old. Aside from their comfort-designed seats, handlebars and build to take stress off the knees, what makes theses bicycles special is their screens. Riders have a 15-inch LCD capacitive touch screen in front of them that offers over 40 different courses or can have a cell phone connected. After a course is chosen, riders steer and switch gears all on their own. This means riders can chose to cruise next to a sandy beach on a sunny summer day, but be in the comfort of the air-conditioned Fitness Center.
Interactive Fitness has been holding the Fall Frenzy since 2013 as a both a way to appeal to college students, and to provide students with professional development scholarships. Ninety-three colleges competed in the original 2013 competition; 2014 saw 124 colleges compete, and 2015 will see at least 140 colleges participating, some including: Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard Business School, Iowa State University, Louisiana State University (LSU), Northwestern University, Penn State, Stanford University and Schoolcraft College.
The way the tournament works is in five rounds of 48-hour periods. Whatever schools bike the furthest between Tuesday at midnight and Thursday at midnight advance to the next round. The rounds take place every week for five consecutive weeks until someone comes out on top.
The bicycles in Schoolcraft’s Fitness Center will be used to track the progress bringing in registered bikers from faculty, staff, students and the Livonia community. Those who are interested in participating should set up memberships and accounts on the bikes before the 48-hour time periods of tournament rounds take place. Any amount of time on the bike will help go towards Schoolcraft’s mileage. Also, if a student pedals enough miles on the bike and has a high enough GPA, a scholarship may be awarded if the tournament is won. Last year, two students were recipients of the scholarship.
Join the Fall Frenzy, and start getting fit today while aiding in Schoolcraft’s success. Every mile counts for both the tournament and your health, so hop on an Expresso Bike to improve joint, cardio and respiratory health, plus improve Schoolcraft’s number of miles. For more information, read “Going the extra mile” on page eight in the Campus Life section, and get ready to ride your butt off.