Rodeo ride

Travis Scott’s debut album faces mixed reviews
By Elizabeth Casella
Staff Writer
Rating: 7 out of 10
albumcoverAmerican hip hop recording artist Travis Scott released his debut album “Rodeo”by Epic and Grand Hustle Records on Sept. 4. Scott was also affiliated with G.O.O.D. Music records while working on the album. Scott has previously been a part of G.O.O.D Music’s compilation album, “Cruel Summer,” where he made his debut as an artist and was quickly signed to Grand Hustle Imprint, ran by rapper T.I. Since then he has released two mixtapes. His first was called “Owl Pharaoh” and was released in 2013 while “Days Before Rodeo” was released just over a year ago in August 2014.
“Rodeo” truly is the trip through the mind of a madman with all of the highs and lows portrayed on the album. The record also has a variety of different sounds varying from song to song and has many guest artists helping Scott out. Some of the songs that stick out are “Flying High,” “Antidote,” “Piss on Your Grave” and “Rodeo.”
“Flying High” stands out among the fourteen tracks due to its lyrics and rhythm. It could be called the most upbeat track and has a jazz inspired backbeat to add to the music production. Among these top tracks is single “Antidote.” This is another laid back, jazz influenced track. The song has nice layers from guest artist La Flame tag and Swae Lee with Rae Sremmurd.
The album features a range of emotions and directions starting from the struggle Scott faced in his hometown to his road to fame. Some of the songs are more relaxed and lyrical while others show rage and aggression. A prime example of aggression is the song “Piss on Your Grave.” This song is collaboration with Scott’s main endorser, Kayne West. The aggressive and brash delivery meshes within the compilation to create a different vibe for listeners.
Overall, the wide variety of collaborations and experimental music beats works well on the record. There certainly is a song for everyone to enjoy on “Rodeo.” Music critics have given “Rodeo” mixed reviews, but Scott’s fans are standing by him. There was much anticipation and excitement among fans for the release and now fans seem pleased with the new album.
Travis Scott is anticipated to be a promising young artist. He has a wide lyrical taste and a variety of sounds to keep people guessing. The album certainly expresses where the artist wants to go and where he has come. After an impressive debut only time will tell what Scott has in store for hip-hop.