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Brett Eldredge’s releases second album
By James Paxson
Staff Writer
9 out of 10
bretteldredgeBrett Eldredge, the 29-year-old Country Star, from the small town of Paris, Illinois, has been destroying the charts with his new album “Illinois.” The album was released Sept. 11 and is Eldredge’s second studio album. His first album in 2013 called “Bring You Back” featured hits like “Don’t Ya” and “Beat Of The Music.”
“Lose My Mind” was the first single to come out on “Illinois” and came out in May. “Lose My Mind” is currently number five on the billboard hot country charts. It is about falling for someone who just makes everything complicated and crazy. The instrumentals are a very poppy vibe that attracts not just young country fans, but a wide variety of pop-listeners. With hits like “Lose My Mind” and “Don’t Ya,” Brett Eldredge is becoming a country music sensation. His music can be said to inspire listeners to live life to the fullest, as well as to show people how to have the time of their life.
Eldredge was asked about his new album in an iHeart Radio interview saying, “Growing up in the Midwest I learned a lot about life, and it was my home. The songs in the album are about home and where you grew up and how no matter where you go in life you can’t change where you come from.”
His song “Illinois” has a feel of living and growing up in the Midwest. The song starts off slow and states a lot of powerful meaning. Eldregde sings, “When I get lost in the noise, like a whisper I feel the voice of Illinois.” Meaning wherever he goes he will never forget his one and only home.
Eldregde has a feel for making songs about the one girl one cannot live without and the important girls lost. His song “Lose It All” it is about all the wrong things a guy can do to lose the love of his life. The chorus chants, “Take it from a man who knows just how to break a heart…Keep on thinking she won’t leave… Ignore the writing on the wall and that’s how you lose it all.”
When listening to the song, the lyrics make it feel that the man in the song has lost everything by not trying as hard as he could. Eldregde has a gift for making listeners relate to his music.
“Illinois” is a complete album, not just a handful of hits. The music sounds like an older country sound mixed with a newer pop rock sound. His lyrics describe the younger generation’s trouble with love. But there are also upbeat party songs, like “Lose My Mind” and “You Can’t Stop Me.” Eldregde’s “Illinois” will bring more pop music to new country music fans.
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