Terror reborn

Five horror franchises in need of new TV shows
By Colin Hickson
Staff Writer
Many grew up with great horror-based shows that introduced ghouls and goblins of the night, such as “Dark Shadows” and “The Outer Limits.” There are still good horror shows being produced today, such as “Gravity Falls” and “American Horror Story,” but sometimes it is hard to beat the classics. That seems to be a shared thought, as now old favorites are getting another shot at the small screen, such as the upcoming “X-Files” miniseries and a “Friday the 13th” series in development at the CW. However, there are some old classics that also deserve new life on the small screen, and these are but a handful of those shows.
1. “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”
The premiere horror TV show for kids in the 90’s, “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” still remains a fan favorite among those who grew up watching Nickelodeon. Using a story within a story scenario, the show focused on the Midnight Society, a group of kids who would gather around a campfire to tell tales of terror. These tales were usually based on something going on in the storyteller’s personal life. A short-lived revival aired on Nickelodeon in 1999, but only ran for two seasons. Since it was announced that Nickelodeon is planning revivals for other older programs, now seems like the perfect time to bring it back; this time with a new cast of characters and ties with the original series.

Photo from moviepilot.com
Photo from moviepilot.com

2. “Tales from the Crypt”
With a possible “Twilight Zone” revival on the way, why not bring back the Cryptkeeper and his brand of sordid stories? Based on the old EC Comics of the 50’s, “Tales from the Crypt” ran for seven seasons on HBO. However, HBO already has one anthology series in the form of “True Detective,” other stations like AMC or Netflix would be the perfect host for the return of this show.
3. “Forever Knight”
Based on a failed pilot from 1987, “Forever Knight” was a Canadian series that mixed horror with crime drama that aired on CBS in 1993. Set in Toronto, the series chronicled the exploits of Nick Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies), a vampire working as a homicide detective while keeping his true identity a secret and trying to find a way to restore his humanity. Unfortunately, the show fell apart in the third and final season when USA Network picked it up, and ended on an ambiguous note. A reboot could be seen as a second chance for the show, and could add new elements to the show’s mythology, such as the addition of other supernatural creatures.
Photo from ihorror.com
Photo from ihorror.com

4. “Goosebumps”
The gateway books to horror for kids, R.L Stine’s popular series is no stranger to TV, thanks to the live action series that aired on Fox Kids in the US and YTV in Canada. But many books were never adapted into episodes for the show, possibly due to budget constraints. So, if “Goosebumps” were to get a new show, it should be animated, which would allow more creative freedom. If done right, it could put the old series to shame.
5. “Eerie, Indiana”
Never heard of this show? Do not be ashamed. A sort of spiritual predecessor to the more well-known “Gravity Falls,” “Eerie, Indiana” followed the adventures of Marshal Teller (Omri Katz) and Simon Holmes (Justin Shenkarow) as they encountered the bizarreness of the eponymous town. Unfortunately, despite critical acclaim, it was cancelled by NBC after only nineteen episodes. Despite this, the show still has a large cult following thanks to reruns on Disney Channel and Fox Kids, and gained revivals in the form of a book series and a spin-off. Hopefully, given the show’s popularity, someone might consider a reboot, and reintroduce the world to the center of everything weird.