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Women are the largest group to suffer 
The American culture we live in is a futuristic world with technology booming, making life easier for the everyday person. Yet the actions and feelings towards others are not evolving and following the same pattern. There are many groups of people who have to deal with unequal treatment, and the focus is usually put on different ethnicities and sexual orientations. However, the largest group that is overlooked for facing unequal treatment is women. The people who bring life to this existence are the ones who suffer the hardest.
The inequality of women to men starts with the most common, women being viewed as sexual objects through the media. Commercials flaunt women’s assets as a tool in order to gain the attention of consumers. Women deserve the decency of a beautiful human being, not as a hot girl, half-naked on a cover of a magazine. Some may say women agree to do those shoots, but that does not change the fact that these “advertisements” are what the consumers want. And it can go the same for men being shown off with ripped abs, but it is not looked as strongly as a woman on the cover. Therefore, most companies respond accordingly and use the woman sex appeal to sell their product. By using this technique, they exploit all women by treating them as less than human—simply an eye grabbing object or advertisement to help sell products.
According to Live Science online, this is a trend that has been on going for decades. The percentage of “sexy” women being used is much higher than a male being used, and the difference is only increasing.
The objectification of women as sex objects is the root to gender inequality.
The objectification of women as sex objects is the root to gender inequality.

As part of this society, one needs to step up and stop view people as an equal human rather than just an object or body parts. Some people get offended if breasts are showing when women breast-feed or are not wearing a bra. This happens because breasts are given the appearance of a sexual being rather than a normal human body part. Such offense would not happen towards a male.
Another sickening fact is that a woman statistically makes less money than a male of equal education and skill. Being a Hispanic woman in 2013, I would have only made 56.5 percent of what a white male would, according to infoplease.com, and a white woman makes 77.4 to the white male.
People have no control over what gender or ethnicity they are born into. One cannot change their identity over night, nor should one feel they need be someone else in order to be treated equally. So something needs to change, why are women still not getting paid equally? This issue is known and discussed and wished to be different but when are things going to start changing. Women are not only capable of generating the same work ethic, but some could also potentially go above and beyond what their male counterpart is doing in the workplace.
People need to become more aware of the struggles women face everyday, as well as be open minded to the evolving image women have in society. If people stop viewing women as sexual beings, there will be less trouble accepting we are all equal. As a society, we need to acknowledge that we are all human; our differences should not change how we are treated.
Women should not be subjected to objectification; one that has the ability to carry and bring life into this world and deserve equality to males.