An interactive enactment

“Defamation the Play” to perform on campus this Tuesday
By Camyle Cryderman
Managing Editor
Continuing its two-month long 2015 tour around the United States, “Defamation the Play” is set to perform at Schoolcraft on Oct. 27. Beginning at 11 a.m. and lasting approximately two hours, guests can enjoy this one-of-a-kind free play experience right inside the DiPonio Room of the VisTaTech Center.
DefamationPut on by the Canamac Productions theatre group from Chicago and co-sponsored at Schoolcraft by the Student Activities Office and SC Aware, this play is thought provoking and interactive.
“This will be a unique experience,” said Todd Stowell, Director of the Student Activities Office. “Based on other college testimonials, this is a program not to be missed.”
“Defamation” is a courtroom drama featuring a civil suit between an African-American woman and a Jewish real estate developer due to the alleged theft of a watch. It is not a straightforward case though, it is filled with twists and turns that will get the audience thinking until the jury decision at the very end. Focusing on the aspects of stereotypes based on religion, race, class and other misconceptions, this play brings up issues significant in everyone’s life. During this performance the audience actually participates as the jurors of the court, so meaningful dialogue will occur between attendees and actors when they are asked to deliberate and become involved.
“Whether we like it or not, we still have major divides in this country,” said “Defamation” playwright Todd Logan on his website “I wanted to write a play that encourages open, honest conversation that leads to greater understanding to combat today’s prevailing trends.”
“Defamation” is a unique experience that has been deemed as important for colleges around the country. Not only does it cover controversial topics relevant in today’s society, but also gets the audience talking about them. Schoolcraft deemed this play important as well and after requesting a grant from the Schoolcraft College Foundation to be able to host the show for free, they received it. Thanks to this, Schoolcraft staff, students and community members can enjoy this experience at no charge and all are encouraged to attend.
Following the performance, all audience members are welcome to stay for a post-show discussion. Not only can the attendees continue the discussion with cast members, but Logan will be present to intensify the discussion as well.
“I think the interactive aspect of the play will be great. It is a good way for students to feel free to join in and really think about right and wrong when it comes to stereotypes” said Schoolcraft student Maggie Ellis.
Logan is a well-established playwright who has written many successful plays and has even had humorous articles published in texts such as The New York Times and Writer’s Digest. Not following his lines of humor though, “Defamation” is one of his most successful works. He premiered it in late 2010 and has had a yearly tour of the performance ever since.
In today’s society, it is important to get people talking about controversial topics. In order to better understand the trials and tribulations of those around them, people need to become fully immersed in the issue. “Defamation the Play” does just that. With an important message, entertaining acting and complete interaction, this play is an exceptional experience that will leave attendees contemplating even after they leave.
For more information visit or call the Student Activities Office at 734-462-4422.