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TWIABP release new album “Harmlessness”
By Kristi Hill
Staff Writer
Rating: 4 out 5

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Post-indie rock/emo-revival band, The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die (TWIABP) released their second full-length studio album titled “Harmlessness,” on Sept. 25 through Epitaph Records. TWIABP originated in Willimantic, Connecticut with a very interesting approach to producing music. Their latest album is a definite change in sound for the group from their previous album, but this has been a trend for the band since their first release of album “Formlessness” in 2010. It has become evident to listeners that the band does not plan to stick to one specific musical realm.
Their latest sound of choice has proven to be more melodic and progressive, whilst retaining their combination of emo and indie-rock.
The first single released from “Harmlessness” is titled “January 10th, 2014,” and conveys the true story of a woman named Diana from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (referred to as “Diana the Hunter,” in the song). “How great that someone’s doing what many of us should have done,” lyrics from the song say, referring to how she spent her life avenging ignored sexual assaults committed by bus drivers on their routes. The band released a music video for this song where the notable “Diana” is represented by a group of Wiccan woman residing in the woods and posing as hitchhikers to attract the driving pedophiles and destroy them in meeting.
Though the album is titled to be a continuation of a series related to their album “Formlessness,” it also contains songs relating to previous albums as well. This happens in “The Word Lisa” when repeating the quote, “Break the mirror, we get younger. Life will always be weird,” at the end of the song, which is a quote from the song “Thanks” from album, “Between Bodies,” released in 2014.
The band has a way of reminding listeners of their deeper messages such as this one by repeating conceptual quotes over time throughout varying albums. The eccentric blend of the three guitarists on this album flows well together and supplies a very supportive sound for the piece by layering the different playing styles. This smooth blend continues into the vocals for the album as well, with a combination of male and female vocals that complement one another.
TWIABP is an ever-changing band, currently consisting of seven touring members. The band doesn’t restrict this constant change to their sound, but also their members. Members will come and go from the band as they choose, but the band has still continued to thrive since their forming in 2009.
Current band members include David Bello on vocals, Katie Shanholtzer-Dvorak on keyboard and vocals, Derrick Shanholtzer-Dvorak on guitar and vocals, Josh Cyr on bass, Steven Buttery on drums, Tyler Bussey on guitar and Chris Teti on guitar and trumpet. With their refusal to conform to any specific form or sound as a band, they have acquired a large fan base and have not gone as much as a year between releasing music since their 2012 release of album “Are Here to Help You.”
The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die will be going on tour; accompanied by bands Foxing, Brightside and This Town Needs Guns with dates around the country. The tour will span from Nov. 2 to Dec. 6, and will hit Michigan on Nov. 6 in Grand Rapids at The Pyramid Scheme.