Great expectations

Camyle Cryderman Managing Editor
Camyle Cryderman
Managing Editor
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High hopes stop people from truly enjoying life
Whenever something is planned, whether it is an event, a project or just a meal, people have expectations of how it is going to turn out, so when it doesn’t come out that way, they get frustrated. After all their hard work and planning, they may feel like they “failed.” People need to learn to accept outcomes for how they are or they will live in constant disappointment.
A good rule of thumb to accept is that nothing goes as planned. Mistakes happen, and real life is not as perfect as the mind imagines. Instead of dwelling on what could have been done to make something better, enjoy what actually occurred. Use it as a learning experience.
For example, a few weeks ago I was trying to make a peach cobbler. When I took it out of the oven, instead of the typical crumbly top over warm peaches I expected, I saw a big pile of goopy mess. At first, I was a little taken aback, but I still gave it a chance. It turned out to be the most delicious cake pudding concoction! It was so good that I have actually made it again.
image from People shouldn’t let little things get them in a tizzy. Learn to expect less and enjoy things as they come.
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People shouldn’t let little things get them in a tizzy. Learn to expect less and enjoy things as they come.

Although a peach cobbler can’t really be compared to a wedding party or other big event, the moral can be carried throughout all of life. Live life as it comes. If someone goes into an event with over the top expectations only to find that it is nothing like they imagined, their day is ruined. Instead, keep an open mind. Push aside any expectations and fill those thoughts with excitement. Regardless of what actually takes place, if you go in with lower expectations, you are bound to be pleased.
Having low expectations also allows for surprises. Just go with the flow and see what comes about. Yes, many aspects of life need structure, but letting up on the reigns a bit allows for spontaneity. This allows people to let loose and enjoy themselves regardless of what was supposed to happen.
Many people go through life meticulously planning how everything should take place. They keep track of every aspect and have grand expectations of how things will turn out, so something as small as accidentally burning a meal could throw them into a bad mood. This is why people need to lower their expectations. It allows them to accept when things don’t go as planned, and instead embrace the opportunity. If everyone were to lower their initial expectations for an event, project, meal or anything in life, I think we would find that the world would be a happier and more accepting place.