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Continuing Education continues to add new course offerings

Continuing Education continues to add new course offerings
Beginning in January 2016, Schoolcraft is excited to introduce new courses to the Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD) program curriculum. With a variety of courses ranging from culinary to technology, these classes are real-world applicable and will benefit anyone who enrolls.
“Each semester we offer a variety of new courses based on what we are seeing our students asking for, perhaps trends in the industry,” said Michele Bialo, Program Manager for Continuing Education.

Continuing Education continues to add new course offerings
Continuing Education continues to add
new course offerings

Some of the most talked about courses are the new culinary programs. One of these culinary classes that have been added is called “Chef Squared.” This program joins professional chefs Shawn Loving and Jeff Gabriel for a series of classes being taught about soups, salads, seafood and more. With the help of these Schoolcraft chefs, students can improve their skills and leave the class as a seasoned cook.
On a more technological base, new photography classes will be starting as well. A cell phone photography class is being introduced where students will be taught the ins and outs of how to take quality photos with camera phones. They will learn how to optimize their phones for taking better photos.
Another new tech savvy course being introduced is focused around all Apple products. In this course, students will learn how to manage and operate their Apple products more efficiently, including iPhones, laptops and iPads. Aimed at students of all ages who may not be completely understanding and up to date on the ever-changing Apple gear, this course will better equip individuals in this technology ridden society.
For students who are more interested in physical fitness, a new course titled Werq may fill that gap. Combing popular music and engaging moves, even those who need to brush up on their fitness skills will have a fun workout in this course. Anyone who has an interest in Zumba but is more engaged by pop and rock music may appreciate this course.
“It [Werq] is basically along the lines of Zumba where it is a dance fitness class, but it is set to rock and pop music,” said Bialo.
Aside from courses that are aimed to improve everyday life, a new art course based on ceramic teachings will become available as well. This course will be focused on Raku — a way of firing ceramic pieces in a kiln. Once the kiln reaches a certain heat, the students will then add a combustible material, such as paper or sawdust, to then create a special effect on the ceramic piece.
In the area of healthcare, a dementia care program has also been added to increase the quality and importance of care for those suffering. This program will educate students on how to care for a person with dementia. Students will sit through a series of classes on the detailed actions to best care for dementia patients taught by a professional in the field. Students will also spend time with real individuals currently dealing with dementia.
“I really like this course. It is hands on and the instructor makes me feel comfortable with what I am learning,” said Schoolcraft student Nour Aljanabi.
The Winter 2016 semester will have a wide variety to offer lifelong learners. With a slew of courses being added to the CEPD program and enough students to keep up with the interests, Schoolcraft will go a long way. For more information, go to the Continuing Education Professional Development office located inside the Jeffress Center. You can also pick up a copy of the CEPD catalog located throughout campus or call the CEPD office at (734) 462- 4448. To take a look at courses on a computer go to continuing-ed/cepd.