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Metro Detroit Indie rock band Nature’s Garbage heating up on the local scene
Nature’s Garbage is a three-piece indie rock band out of Detroit that is turning heads and catching listeners’ attention. Nature’s Garbage has been working tirelessly to make their presence in the local scene known by consistently playing shows and releasing music. They’re most recent release “Raisin Boy” is a series of demos recorded in the band’s basement. This is coming hot off of their EP “Something Something,” which was released on June 30. These can be both found online on the band’s bandcamp page. Between this constant stream of music and shows, Nature’s Garbage is finding their niche in the local scene.

image from Facebook Nature’s Garbage has released both “Raisin Boy Demos” and “Something Something EP” this year.
image from Facebook
Nature’s Garbage has released both “Raisin Boy Demos” and “Something Something EP” this year.

In their short existence, the group has evolved. They started off as a pop-punk band named The Flows. After acquiring new drummer, Caleb Horvath, and changing their name to Stayhome, the group took a more indie rock approach to their sound. After working out the kinks, the group developed their sound into a math rock, indie, punk, alternative hybrid and changed their name to Nature’s Garbage. The group now consists of vocalist and guitarist Kenny Hill, bassist Billy Lasso and drummer Caleb Horvath.
Nature’s Garbage’s latest release “Raisin Boy” demonstrates their evolved sound and the band’s growth as musicians. Since the demos were recorded live in a basement, there is an added sense of rawness and emotion to the band’s ascetic. This old school punk rock approach of recording compliments the songs nicely and adds a sense of grit to the band’s sound.
“We try to put meaning in all of our songs,” said front man Hill. “I’m inspired by the entire math rock scene of the 90s, as well as the more emotional blend of rock that grew from that.”
“Raisin Boy” makes a strong set with its 6 tracks. The band ranges from aggressive songs like “After Party Mice” to the more melancholy and reflective “Baby Lung Mac”. This blend of emo, alternative, math rock and punk creates for an effort that is as honest as it is raw.
Nature’s Garbage played their most recent show on Oct. 14 on Wayne State’s campus for free. The group plays shows frequently and has several upcoming shows, including three in November: on the seventh at B-Side in Ann Arbor, on the thirteenth at Phoenix Café Hazel Park and on the twenty-eighth at the Student Center on Wayne State’s campus. Nature’s Garbage has been bringing their live music to metro Detroit for over a year and is determined to continue to spread their sound.
Between a steady flow of shows and regularly releasing music, Nature’s Garbage is easily one of Detroit’s most promising young acts and ready to take on the city.