Pedals to the metal

Join the frenzy in championship round
By Elaine Gerou
image003The courses are virtual, but the sweat is real—and so is the anticipation, as the championship round of the second annual Fall Frenzy Tournament is about to commence. For the past four weeks’ rounds, Schoolcraft has been pedaling furiously in order to make the cut, but with this 48-hour battle, the college is hoping to take away the Golden Spokes trophy just like last year.
Tournament recap
The first round got the Ocelots to bracket play, narrowing 140 teams to 16. Then in the second round, Schoolcraft went up against Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania and knocked them out 1,761 miles to 283. Then, the Ocelots pumped out 2,028 miles in the third round to conquer Salem State University’s 658 miles.
The fourth round required much more effort though, having the Marist College from New York ahead of Schoolcraft around 4 p.m. on Wednesday (Oct. 28) of the round. Through determination and hard work though, Schoolcraft was able to push forward and pass Marist College to ultimately beat them 4,346 miles to 4,135.
“They took us almost to the end. They were ahead for 40 hours of the 48 with three less bikes [Schoolcraft has nine Expresso bikes and Marist has six]. They were very committed and dedicated to winning, so we don’t take anything for granted. We will go all out [in the championship round],” said Patricia Donohue-Ebach, Manager of the Fitness Center.
In order to catch up in the semi-finals, Schoolcraft had to pick up the pace to about 14 or 15 miles per an hour.
“With our competition this past week, because we got really far behind, it wasn’t about the miles anymore; it became how fast can we accumulate miles so we can catch up to them,” said Donohue-Ebach. “It was very stressful this past Wednesday, but it made it very exciting as well”
According to Fitness Center employee, Jose Ramirez, this year’s semi-final round actually required Schoolcraft to ride about 200 more miles than the previous year’s championship round.
Championship round
For the championship round, Schoolcraft will be going up against Saint Mary’s College of CA, who pedaled out 1,788 miles with seven bikes in the semi-final round.
“I feel really confident about this,” said Ramirez. “I’m excited and super happy we got to the final round again.”
Energy, teamwork, enthusiasm and a cooperative attitude for pushing each other to win can be expected be seen this round more so than ever.
“Obviously, we are about winning, but this is really a collaborative community effort,” said Donohue-Ebach. “All miles matter, but when is gets down to it, we will favor the folks who can give us those miles per hour.”
Because the Fitness Center alters hours of operation to stay open for the frenzy, Schoolcraft is calling all night owls to bike.
“We’re always looking for people to bike from midnight to 5 a.m. Everyone who has done it has weirdly enjoyed it. It sort of is a special group of people. It’s dark outside, there’s no one else in the building and it’s just you guys biking,” said Donohue-Ebach. “They always welcome the fresh legs, even if you just come in to ride a few miles to relieve someone.”
Throughout the final round, Fitness Center employees will constantly circle the bikes, making sure the bikers have what they need— water, towels, etc. One can go to for more information and to view updated Schoolcraft and personal miles.
Staring Tuesday, Nov. 3 at midnight, the final countdown begins. Schoolcraft is in it to win it, so come join the frenzy in the Fitness Center on Tuesday and Wednesday to help duke it out with Saint Mary’s College of CA.