Lower the drinking age


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A younger crowd is a hopeful solution to prevent harm
Now more than ever, kids are being more exposed to the dangers of this world—one of them being alcohol. There was a time when the legal drinking age depended on each state’s law, but the Prohibition Act of 1933 changed the law to 21 for the entire nation while also legalizing the production and consumption of alcohol again. Since then, the law has remained the same.
Ever since eighth grade I began to see more and more of the dangers my parents were talking about. Parties that I went to had kids drinking at the age of 13 and 14. This kind of behavior at such a young age could cause serious harm such as drinking and driving the dangers of possible unprotected sex due to impaired judgment in brains with much development needed in the frontal lobe for decision making.
The law should be lowered once again because no matter how much people try to prevent kids from drinking, people will always be able to get fake I.D.’s and there will always be older people willing to buy for minors.
“In general, the younger people start to drink, the safer they are,” said Dwight B. Heath, who has written several books and hundreds of scholarly articles on cultural attitudes towards alcohol, according to CNN.
Some businesses believe that selling to minors is fantastic revenue because they can charge them however they feel, which would be under the table, so taxes are not in the equation. If the age was lowered, it would be better for the nation, of course, because the government could regulate the sales and make more money for roads and such venues through taxes.
Eighteen is a reasonable age to start because it gives young people in college their own freedom like they were promised in our nation’s Constitution. At that time, most kids are living on their own and should be able to take care of themselves, so they should be allowed to be able to handle real life situations, such as drinking. When you’re away at college your parents aren’t there to help you anymore, it’s your own responsibility. At the age of 18, a person is legally an adult and should be able to make his or her own decisions; including whether to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or not.
On the other side of the issue, parents have an important role in this as well. Many parents allow their kids to drink, and some even supply. I don’t think parents should be supplying to their kids. As much as they want to be their friend, they need to worry for their child’s safety. I know that it seems fun to drink with parents and many people have done it before, but in reality the morals of the situation are so wrong.
Lowering the drinking age will prevent these problems significantly.
If the law changed, our society will become a safer place. Individuals will take more responsibility and know the risk with the use of alcohol, but regardless, underage drinking will always occur unfortunately. There is hope though that through giving the younger generation a responsibility, such as drinking, that they be smarter and go about life in a more intelligent way, making better decisions than they have in the past and realize the dangers of drinking and driving, or just drinking in general. The law should be lowered to 18 as it once was.