Discover Europe; discover you 
Travel offers a time to relax, enjoy oneself, reflect and learn about your true self and other cultures. This coming May, Schoolcraft professor Anita Süess is taking students for an unforgettable Eastern European adventure. The trip will take place from May 16 to May 27, 2016 and hold plenty of adventure for the travelers.
For the price of $3,311 with a down payment of $50 and the option of five monthly payments of $652.20, the trip includes round-trip airfare, eight overnight stays (10 with optional individual stay ahead of time $145), daily breakfast and dinner, a tour director, guided sightseeing tours and city walks, select attractions and a tour diary. If you sign up before Nov. 20, you get a $100 off, but if you wait until after Dec. 16, the price increases, so make sure to plan accordingly.
Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Austria will all be covered over the 12 days, and the exact itinerary can be found at under the trip ID: SuessKaushik-8809.
“Many people want to see London, Paris and Rome. Granted, these are fabulous destinations, but you’ll feel you are competing for space with thousands of other tourists. In the East, even though these are very popular cities as well, things tend to be a bit more relaxing,” said Süess. “Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna are in no regard less interesting than their more Western counterparts. We will visit countless places of immense historic importance.”
Süess was born and raised in Switzerland until she was 27. She fluently knows five languages and has organized 10 other trips of a similar nature already, making her a perfect trip leader.
“It was so much fun [last year]. She always had ideas of what to do and encouraged us to go out and do something in our free time rather than stay in the hotel,” said Schoolcraft student Samantha Warra who went on the 2015 trip this past summer and also took French 102 with Süess. “She made it seem like it wasn’t going to be scary at all. This was my first time spending the night away from home without my family, and it was completely secure.”
Last year’s European adventure has some students craving more.
“It was a big culture shock. I didn’t know a lick of French, but it was fantastic. I plan on going again this trip,” said Schoolcraft student Kelly Teschke who went to Paris, Switzerland, Austria and Germany last year with Süess after taking her German 101 class. “Try your best to make it happen. It’s totally worth it.”
A trip overseas opens a whole new world to Americans and can often make travelers feel a new sense of what it means to live.
“For many students, such a trip is the highlight of their young lives, and many come back transformed,” Süess said. “These trips are safe, relaxing, worry free and incredibly efficient. We are able to visit so many places because the trips are perfectly and tightly organized, without the students having to do anything. In addition, friendships will doubtlessly be formed along the way.”
Change your life and make everlasting memories this May with Professor Süess and others with the desire to travel. Stop dreaming and wondering what Europe is like; take a trip to explore and discover.
Any questions can be answered by either or Süess directly at [email protected]