Food for fines

Library annual drive to benefit Schoolcraft Food Pantry
Students, faculty, and staff can help those in need and reduce their library fines at once. . The program called Food for Fines has been happening for three years and is a yearly event for anyone to bring in unexpired and undamaged canned food items to Schoolcraft’s Bradner Library, which will then be donated to Schoolcraft’s food pantry. The program will not only help those that are in need but also anyone with overdue fines for library books; for each item donated, $1 will be forgiven towards these fees (5 items = $5 in fines given). Food for Fines began on Nov. 2 and will run through Jan. 30, 2016. This program does not apply to lost or damaged book fees.

The library’s Food for Fines program will be benefiting The Schoolcraft Food Pantry and runs Nov. 2 through Jan. 30, 2016.
The library’s Food for Fines program will be benefiting The Schoolcraft
Food Pantry and runs Nov. 2 through Jan. 30, 2016.

“We have been doing this for several years now. Last year, we collected about 80 to 85 donations total, and this year, we are hoping to hit over 100. These donations do really help many families in need and help to keep the Food Pantry stocked. Anything that can be donated, even if it is only one item, is greatly appreciated,” said Wayne Pricer, Schoolcraft Librarian.
All of the food will be used to help currently enrolled students in need who may need food throughout the semester.
The food pantry was started during the 2010- 2011 school year and has been collecting food for needy families ever since. There are no qualifications for recipients besides that they simply ask for the help. The food pantry is located in the Lower Waterman in VistaTech Center.
“I feel that the Food for Fines program is a great idea for the library to collect cans for the food pantry, but also great for people who may not be able to pay these fines or not want to. It is easy to donate an extra can to help out those in the community,” said freshmen Joe Wolfram.
Only canned food and non-perishable food items will be accepted for the Food for Fines exchange program. Other food items may be donated through the library as well or in the Student Activities office in the lower level of the VistaTech Center. Help others this holiday season by giving a little extra food to the Schoolcraft College Food Pantry, and get the benefit of feeling good inside while improving the lives of others. For more information visit the brander library or the student activities center or call 734-462-4422 for the student activities venter. Questions about the Food for Fines program can be answered at 734- 462-4440.