Lights, camera, coaches


Schoolcraft to debut sports TV show
Schoolcraft College Media Services is in the process of producing a new television show that features interviews with coaches from Schoolcraft sports teams, with an airdate that is still to be determined. Titled “Coaches’ Corner,” this show is based on the style of similar ESPN programs and is meant to keep students, faculty, staff and the Schoolcraft community informed about the college’s athletic programs.

Filming begins on the set of Coachs’ Corner.
Filming begins on the set of Coachs’ Corner.

The show is the brainchild of Sam Gooden, Director of Media Services.
“I came up with the concept of the show when the college decided to add two new sports, women’s softball and men’s baseball,” said Gooden. “They were getting a lot of attention, and I thought: what about the other sports? What if we highlighted all the sports?”
Gooden developed the idea of a Schoolcraft athletics talk show, where coaches would have a chance to discuss their teams on the air.
“The format of this show is similar to ESPN,” said Brian Camilleri, one of the producers. “This is a behind-the-scenes show, where the coaches sit down with a commentator and talk about the progress of the season. Featured players will also make an appearance and talk about their playing careers and discuss from a players perspective about the season.”
The Athletic Department hopes that “Coaches’ Corner” will help promote Schoolcraft teams and coaches.
“The show is an attempt to reveal the qualitative experience, skill sets and philosophy that set our people apart from their counterparts at other colleges,” said Sidney Fox, Schoolcraft Athletics Director. “Also, it gives our coaches an added value of visibility via media to recruit new students to campus.”
Fox and the Schoolcraft Athletics Department are currently working closely with Media Services in the development of the show which, while still in the development stage, is planned to be aired sometime before the holidays.
The Video Production Club has been assisting Media Services in the creation of this show, and both Gooden and Camilleri hope that this will be a good opportunity for students to learn essential video production skills.
While so far no date has been decided on for the official airing of the already-filmed episodes of “Coaches’ Corner,” both the Media Services and Athletics Department are looking forward to the show’s release, hopefully before the holiday break, and have high expectations for the production.
“It is essential that interviews depict the level of passion and competency that our coaches and staff portray on a day-to-day basis,” said Fox.
With coverage and representation of all things Schoolcraft sports related, “Coaches’ Corner” is hoped to be a cutting-edge edition to Schoolcraft’s community.