Full force

Echo Of Silence takes on Metro Detroit’s metal market
Echo Of Silence is a 5-piece Michigan metal band that plans to reign terror on the local scene with their latest EP, “Innocence.” The sound is best described as heavy metalcore and is reminiscent to bands like Lamb of God, Bullet For A Valentine and As I Lay Dying.
“We’re all inspired by totally different genres and subgenres of music, and we can bring all of those inspirations together to really make us sound unique,” said band vocalist Elias Montgomery.
Schoolcraft_Issue5“Innocence” is Echo Of Silence’s first release and is five songs of intense riffing and double bass drumming. Drummer John Propp lays down the group’s foundation with groovy double bass drumming and energetic snare rolls. Jabrail Davenport glues the band together with supporting bass lines that help round out Echo Of Silence’s sound with a warm low end. Guitarists William Wilson and Aaron Manson lend their hands to the sonic chaos through fierce riffs and hard-hitting breakdowns, and vocalist Elias Montgomery intensifies the songs by screaming overtop the mix of distorted guitars and pounding drums. The EP has no hard release date as of now, but the group plans for it to come out during November.
Echo Of Silence is scheduled to headline a show at The Token Lounge in Westland on Nov. 22. The concert is sponsored by the radio station 89X where Echo Of Silence’s music will be aired that night. The band should be in top form for this show, as they will be coming fresh off of shows at The Ritz in Warren on Nov 12 and 14.
“I just know when we play, we play like it’s going to be the last show we ever do together, and we give it our all,” said Manson.
With four shows in November alone, it is apparent that Echo Of Silence is working hard to reach new audiences.
“Death and taxes don’t appeal to me whatsoever. Traveling and shedding blood on a drum set in front of complete strangers seems like a more suitable career for me,” Propp said.
For locals looking for loud and aggressive music, Echo Of Silence brings the noise. Check out facebook. com/echoofsilencedetroit for more details on the band.