Holiday humor

Seth Rogen and co hit another home run with their latest comedy “The Night Before”
By Kim Sorenson
Staff Writer
Duration: 101 minutes
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Jonathan Levine directs another home-run with Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie. In this coming of age comedy, three best friends are celebrating their last Christmas out on the town. After Ethan’s (Gordon-Levitt) parents are killed in a car accident right before Christmas 10 years prior, his best friends, Isaac (Rogen) and Chris (Mackie), become his family and they begin a tradition of going out and having drunk adventures on Christmas night.
Though it is a Christmas movie, Rogen is openly Jewish throughout and showcases a Christmas sweater adorned with the Star of David. Things are different now, as Isaac is an expecting father and Chris is a newly successful late-career football star, but Ethan is still stuck in the same rut that he has been in for the last decade. The crew comes together for one last night of drunken shenanigans in search for their holy grail, the Nutcracker Ball.
After years and years of not getting invites and unsuccessful attempts at finding the infamous Christmas rager, Ethan finally manages to get his hands on three of the elusive tickets. Their night begins with Isaac’s pregnant wife, Betsy (Jillian Bell known from “Bridesmaids” and “22 Jump Street”), giving him a box of drugs and her blessing to get wild.
Mindy Kaling and Ilana Glazer also make comedic cameos, along with Bell who all complemented the plot of the film very well and showcased what funny female comedians can bring to a movie. Miley Cyrus even makes an appearance in the movie, as herself, and inspires some crazy behavior from the characters.
Overall, this movie is well worth a watch. Though it is a very comedic movie, there are touching elements to the film as well. The audience can really see each character’s growth throughout the movie and watch them come to terms with their inner problems that they have been denying. Though the whole friends coming of age story has been done many times before, this rendition of the theme is very well done and will keep the audience laughing, especially after the more somber moments during the movie. The characters are all very likable and very easy to root for and the ending ties up loose ends and wraps the story up very nicely. For anyone looking for a feel-good comedy, though not family friendly, this holiday season, “The Night Before” is one to watch.