Finishing strong

Exam-A-Rama aims to help students with final exam preparation

Take advantage of the LAC’s free final exam tutoring. See the photo for the full review schedule.
Take advantage of the LAC’s free final exam tutoring. See the photo for the full review schedule.

The end of the semester is quickly approaching, and only one item stands in the way between now and a relaxing break — final exams. Finishing out the semester strong is important for all students, but with fading motivation, studying for a full schedule of classes is the last thing on students’ minds. Schoolcraft is actively trying to make studying for these exams more accessible, and one of the most successful studying opportunities the Learning Assistance Center’s (LAC) Exam-A-Rama, is set to commence starting Dec. 10,
Exam-A-Rama is an annual event that utilizes the success of the Learning Assistance Center’s tutoring programs. Taking place on Thursday, Dec. 10 from 8pm-midnight; Friday, Dec. 11 from Noon-4pm and Saturday, Dec. 12 from Noon-4pm in the Livonia campus’s Bradner Library. Students are actively encouraged to attend this free event. Unlike typical tutoring though, these sessions are specialized for final exam review in the subjects of math, biology, physics, chemistry and accounting.
“Exam-A-Rama is a, course specific, review for Schoolcraft student’s final exams,” said LAC Program Assistant, Noor Charara. “The sessions are run by LAC tutors and consist of either a review of the student’s final exam review packet, or a question and answer study session.”
While study sessions are not typically one on one, they focus on every person’s studying needs. There are two types of review session available during Exam-A-Rama. The structured final exam review sessions are aimed at students whose class uses a departmental course review packet. They take place in small to large groups and go over the review as a team. The question and answer sessions are aimed more for students whose classes do not have a departmental course review packet. These sessions are similar to regular LAC tutoring and will aid students in succeeding. More tutors will be available during the Exam-A-Rama than typical days to ensure everyone receives the help they need.
“Students enjoy that these sessions are presented in a fun and relaxed learning environment. The problems are broken down and presented in a simplified way,” said Charara.
All a student has to do to attend Exam-A-Rama is find their class on the study schedule and check in at the front desk of the LAC where they will be directed where to go for their session. For students who are not enrolled in the specific classes on the Exam-A-Rama schedule, there will still be limited tutoring the week before and week of finals for all classes. Every student’s grade is valued, so do not put off getting help.
“Exam-A-Rama gives students a unique opportunity, outside the class room, to review the entire course they are taking. They get to see problems worked out by a highly trained tutor who was handpicked for their knowledge of the subject and tutoring skills,” said LAC Program Assistant and former lead tutor Steven Kliemann.
Final exams are an important part of the year, but they can be highly stressful. Do not be afraid to sit down and study with others or ask for help. Take advantage of these free tutoring sessions at Exam-A-Rama, and watch grades climb.
“Exam-A-Rama is a great environment to get any questions answered, and many times, instructors give out extra credit for attending,” said Schoolcraft student and Lead LAC Tutor Rachael Lawrukovich.
Check-in begins 30 minutes prior to start time in the LAC with first-come-first-seated. Please come prepared and bring your review packets, the LAC does not have extras.
For more information, call the LAC at 734-462-4436, email [email protected], go to schoolcraft. edu/LAC or visit the LAC inside the Bradner Library.