A growing sensitivity

Society is becoming too politically correct

By Camyle Cryderman, Editor-in-chief
It seems that within the past year people around the world have become increasingly more emotionally sensitive. It is hard for one to say anything these days, let alone make a joke or controversial statement without someone getting offended. While there have been and always will be casual disagreements between people, many are becoming oversensitive and resorting to forms of censorship to keep their feelings in check.
In the beginning of 2015, which has been nicknamed “the year that everyone got offended” on the internet, the world erupted with the news of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Charlie Hebdo is a French Satirical Magazine that has published brash, controversial material for almost 40 years, all of which is meant to be taken as a joke. After the front page publication of a political cartoon satirizing the prophet Muhammad, two Islamic terrorists took offence to the cartoon and went on to murder 11 people and wound 12 more from the magazine. While it is okay to be offended and disagree with someone on their views, it is not okay to kill them or take other matters against them. This example is extreme, but it was the start of what seems to have been a year of uncontrollable emotions and political correctness (PC).
oversensitivityCollege campuses unfortunately prove to be a breeding ground for this ‘PC’ culture. Famous comedians such as Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Maher have all taken college campuses off of their tour lists due to the inability of the students to take a joke. Even though they are labeled as comedians and are knowingly preforming solely for laughs, many people can’t help but feel offended. It is okay to feel this way, but some take it to the next step and ask for the performers to censor themselves so people don’ t get their feelings hurt.
Being offended by something is not a new phenomenon, but it’s the way people are carrying out these feelings that has shown an increasing societal sensitivity. In the past, if someone was offended, they may attempt to debate with the person or simply turn around and leave. Now it seems that when someone is offended they take to rioting, petitions, or most popularly, internet shaming.
People tend to think that if they don’ t agree with something they need to take drastic action against it to stop it altogether. But this just proves the point of oversensitivity. Is it better to live un-offended day to day having to censor everything that is said to protect the feelings of others, or is it better to live life freely, brushing aside the things that may briefly hurt feelings? Censorship should never be the answer.
It is not okay to purposefully degrade, put down or mock others, nor is it kind. This should never be condoned, but if someone does say or do something that is offensive, people need to realize that even if their feelings are hurt, life will go on. Oversensitivity will not only harm society as a whole, but it will continue to pit people against each other. In order to move forward, society needs to stay strong.