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Super Bowl has High Expectations

By James Paxson, Sports Editor
The anticipation is growing, as Super Bowl 50 will finally be on the worlds television sets this Sunday Feb. 7. There are countless memorable moments that the Super Bowl always has: the game, the commercials, the halftime show and the gambling.

The Football

cam newton
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This will be the third season in a row that the number one seed from both the AFC and the NFC will meet in the Super Bowl. Representing the NFC will be the Carolina Panthers (15-1) and representing the AFC will be the Denver Broncos (12-4). The Panthers have been unstoppable since the 2015-16 season began. Their Quarterback Cam Newton was crowned this season’s MVP award. He led his team with 33 passing touchdowns and 10 rushing touchdowns.
Some key contributors that have helped Cam Newton this year are Tight end Greg Olson who leads the team in receiving yards, and linebacker Luke Kuechly leading the team with 118 tackles. The Carolina Panthers have celebrated all season while losing only one game to division rival the Atlanta Falcons. If the Panthers play the way they have all season they are well on their way to capturing their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history.
peyton manning
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The Broncos have had one of the best defenses in the NFL this season, they led the league in least amount of yards given up. Although the Broncos have had a couple setbacks this season with injuries to Peyton Manning backup Quarterback Brock Osweiler kept the team in contention during his absence.
To arrive at the big game, both teams had to make their way past tough opponents. The Panthers beat the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC championship by a score 49-15 and the Denver Broncos beat the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship by a score of 20-18. The Panthers are projected to win by five points, but rumors that Bronco’s quarterback Peyton Manning could possibly call it a career after this game make it even more special of a matchup.
“Cam Newton and Peyton Manning are two very good quarterbacks, it will be fun to see who ends up on top,” said Schoolcraft Freshman Vince Tola.

The Commercials

Even though the Super Bowl will hold the biggest football game this season, there are other exciting things to look forward to. The most anticipated commercials for this year are Bud Light, Amazon and the Liam Neeson LG commercials as the internet has leaked clips of these commercials.
Bud Light has some of the funniest and memorable commercials, this year the commercial will be represented by two comedic legends. It will have Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen keeping the Bud Light super bowl commercial tradition alive.
In the new Amazon commercial Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino show off the impressive new technology of our generation. This commercial like many will make a splash just based on the star studded cast.
Liam Neeson is famous for playing the man with a certain set of skills and will prove that in the new LG commercial. This year’s Super Bowl will have plenty of good commercials to entertain the non-football fans this year.


Coldplay will be headlining the entertainment for Super Bowl 50’s halftime performances. . Coldplay has been around for the last 20 years, originating in London, England and is famous for the songs: “Yellow,” “Clocks,” “Viva la Vida” and “Adventure of a lifetime.”
“I love Coldplay, they have been a great band for years and I know they will for sure put on an amazing show,” said Schoolcraft Freshman Madelyn Waidelich.
Joining them will be Bruno Mars who performed in Super Bowl 48 and Beyoncé who performed in Super Bowl 47. They will make the halftime performance one to remember especially since the Super Bowl 50 will be special to all football fans.
Super Bowl Sunday has become a national holiday in America and has something for football fans, music fans and commercial lovers alike. The game airs this Sunday at 6:30 p.m. on CBS.