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Schoolcraft offers many online programs and degrees to help their students receive a well- rounded education

College’s online Associate Degree in Business Administration program ranked 15th best in the country

By Elizabeth Casella, Managing Editor

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Schoolcraft’s business administration online associate degree was
named 15th best in the country by

Thanks to the hard work of many of Schoolcraft’s staff and students, recently announced that Schoolcraft’s online associate in business administration (ABA) program has been recognized as one of the best in the country. Schoolcraft was named fifteenth specifically in 2016. The college is also the only college in Michigan to make the top 25 list for this specific program.
This degree prepares graduates to transfer to a four-year school for their bachelor’s degree. The core curriculum teaches distance learners that take online classes about all aspects of business, while also helping them pursue an area of interest or specialty. This ABA degree is a fairly new addition to the online programs offered by the college. It began in the 2012-2013 school year with 271 enrolled within the program. Currently, there have been 237 graduates and a steady increase for enrollment within this program and Schoolcraft’s business degree programs overall.
“Some of the standards that Schoolcraft met to receive this ranking are that we offer a wide variety of business courses online. Schoolcraft overall has a high retention rate and an excellent reputation for student’s that either finish their degree or move on to four year schools as well,” said Stacy Whiddon, Associate Dean of Distance Learning.
Schoolcraft’s online programs are consistently being improved upon. There are major revisions that programs go through to review course work and update material to the most recent sources and strategies as possible. As technology upgrades, these programs also introduce these changes within the programs by adapting certain aspects of the course to meet these new learning tools. These revisions along with the high standards of the Quality Matter standards and the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) the college must adhere to, the business program continues to shine and advance the learning of students to the best of their abilities.
“What makes Schoolcraft’s online business program stand out is the expertise, creativity, resources and care put into designing our business courses. At many colleges, only the instructor decides what content to deliver online and how to go about it. At Schoolcraft, great care is taken when designing each and every online business class so that the course objectives are met and diverse learning activities are utilized to appeal to students’ various learning styles,” said Adjunct and online business Professor Carla Cardellio.
Business Degree
Schoolcraft offers many online programs and degrees to help their students receive a well- rounded education

Schoolcraft offers a variety of innovative business courses that prepares students for success. According to Dr. Melissa Veneble, education editor at OnlineColleges,net, this played a major role in the ranking of Schoolcraft. The program evaluates each online program using a methodology that compares academics, student experience, financial aid, and enrollment in the online associate in business administration program, to create a list of the best offers within the country.
“Schoolcraft’s online business courses have allowed me to pursue a high quality degree in the midst of my busy schedule,” said online business degree student, Camyle Cryderman.
Being ranked one of the best online Associates Degree in Business Administration in the country is quite the honor for the College as it continues to prepare its students for future careers.
For more information on the requirements of Schoolcraft’s associate degree in business administration visit ABA. A complete list of all online business courses being offered during the Winter 2016 semester can be found at www.
The College has much to be proud of and Ocelot pride is at an all-time high. There are many more things to praise the college for including its entire revered curriculum that is offered for students and dedicated professors that are willing to help student achieve success every step of the way.