Keeping it old school

Online learning may be innovative, but in person classes remain the best option

By The Schoolcract Connection Editorial Staff
In this ever changing world, technology seems to constantly evolving, so society has had to evolve along with it. One instance of this change is the growing popularity of online college courses, but online classes are not for everyone. The debate between the preferred ways of learning has been the subject of dispute among American students for years now.
According to results of a new National Research study, 78 percent of more than 1,000 students surveyed still believe it is easier to learn in a classroom setting. Despite this fact, it seems that online learning has increased in popularity and even surpassed the old fashioned chalk and blackboard style of learning. It is important to incorporate technology into learning, but certain methods just can’t be attained without in person instruction.

In class learning and cousework still remains the best option for most students.
In class learning and cousework still remains the
best option for most students.

Online classes require not only a computer and a comfortable atmosphere to learn in, as well as an abundance of self-discipline. There are key aspects that make effective learners able to teach themselves if and when an issue arises. When learning over the World Wide Web students are physically distancing themselves from the teacher. Not only are students taking themselves away from the instant clarification of a teacher, but also depriving themselves from the individuals who are on the same journey. Part of a instructors job is to interact with their students and get to know the way each of their students learn individually. To make this possible for instructors, students must physically be in class.
There are many attributes to face to face learning that are superior to online classes. Some of which include structure and individual attention.
The structure of in person classes ensures that the majority of students stay up to date in their classes, assuming that they show up to class and pay attention. It gives students a reason to get up, get out of their houses and get their work done. For some students, it’s hard to get the motivation to do their online classes, but face-to-face classes are the push that those students need.
Also, students can get more individual attention from their instructors and discuss topics that they may not understand. It is more difficult to build a relationship with a instructor over emails than in person.
Online coursework is structured completely based on reading and writing. The coursework is graded through test scores, essays or online activity points. In class coursework ranges in a variety of ways. There are tests, small quizzes, class work, homework, group activities, presentation and simple class participation.
The variety of in person classes offer students the opportunity to gain points in ways that benefit every student’s learning type where online is extremely selective. In class students have the chance to talk to teachers face to face to discuss concepts and topics. This is beneficial when falling behind or wanting to receive partial credit where as online does not always offer this opportunity.
Online classes seem to work better for some students though. Many college students, especially at commuter schools like Schoolcraft have full schedules. A majority work full time and have other commitments and responsibilities that cannot be stopped just because they are in college. Online classes allow people with hectic schedules more flexibility in their educational pursuit. In an ideal world instructors and employers would be understanding of those trying to balance school, work and household commitments. In reality not all are willing to work around a school or work schedule. That should not hinder a person from being able to take the classes they need to graduate and further their career goals.
Like most things in life, there are pros and cons on each side of the debate. It is true that online learning is less stressful than physically being in class and literally sweating on exam days. However, if one is a kinesthetic learner, which means they learn by doing, staring at a screen is not an ideal way to spend tuition dollars.
Also, the thought of staying home for school like someone in an education connection commercial seems like the current American dream; But being in a school environment allows you to meet new people, network and make friends. The Internet seems to be the new frontier for education but some things should just stay old school.