The most overrated “Holiday”

Valentine’s Day is a waste of money

By Kim Sorenson, News Editor
In today’s day in age, relationships are most defined by what is bought for one another and posted on social media. Followers will comment heart emojis and “#goals” when a girl posts a picture of all the expensive and useless things her boyfriend buys her, making it seem that is what healthy relationships look like. Valentine’s Day exemplifies this as a holiday designed to make money and it is completely overrated.
Today’s society places a massive amount of importance on significant others getting each other presents, or more accurately, men buying things for their significant other. If he forgets, then he is condemned as a bad boyfriend/husband and put in the “doghouse,” or at least that is how it is portrayed in the media.

Valentine’s Day is a shallow holiday designed to make money, not a holiday of love.
Valentine’s Day is a shallow holiday designed to make money, not a holiday
of love.

There is so much importance placed on who gets the most expensive thing for their partner, and not getting anything is seen as a mortal sin. In healthy relationships, though, this is not important at all, at least it shouldn’t be. Showering your partner with affection for one mandatory day of the year is not what is going to make a relationship last. Both partners giving each other love and affection every day of the year is what keeps people together. Forced gifts and flowers don’t make up for all the days of a bad relationship.
For single people, Valentine’s Day is just another tool to feel bad that they aren’t living up to societies expectations. So much importance is placed on finding a relationship that it’s almost seen as a character flaw to be single. Few days showcase this like Valentine’s Day does. There are countless movies and shows revolving around a single person’s desperate search for a Valentine. The only purpose these shows and movies serve is to perpetuate the idea that being single on Valentine’s Day is the worst thing a person could go through. In reality, it doesn’t matter at all.
Not having a partner on one day of the year is not any better or worse than having one on any other day. The flowers will die, someone can buy the chocolate for himself or herself and the other gifts aren’t worth the trouble.
Valentine’s Day was created for one purpose; to make money. All the stores that sell Valentine assortments make a killing this time of year. Hallmark, Godiva and flower shops are all swamped during the days leading up to and on Valentine’s day. Most of what’s bought didn’t come cheap, either. This holiday seems to be mocking the less fortunate, as they can’t afford to spend money on all the expensive Valentine gifts for their partner.
Men especially take this pretty hard when they see all the pictures posted of what other guys have gotten their girlfriends. This holiday has turned into a competition to see who can get their partner the best and most gifts, and serves its intended purpose of making companies tons of money.