Feeble schooling

Homeschooling is an illogical form of education

By Chris Skarnulis
The word “homeschooling” sounds very appealing to the average child. The idea of staying home all day to get their education sounds like every youngsters dream, but is the idea of homeschooling really that glamorous?
While kids may jump at the idea, parents who choose to homeschool their children pay the real price. Although Americans hold the right to ultimately decide how their children should be educated, they have the right to understand the difficulties that come with it. Homeschooling is an inefficient form of education.
According to home-school. com, over two million students complete their education from home, a 75 percent increase from 1999. More parents are pulling their children from public and private schools than ever before. The reason? Parents have become dissatisfied with the curriculum that American school systems offer. Although parents may be under the belief that they’re doing their children a favor by educating them from home, schooling children at home comes with a price, and it isn’t cheap.

Homeschooling hurts children’s overall learning ability
Homeschooling hurts children’s overall learning ability

The question boils down to whether parents are prepared to make a lot of sacrifices for the “well-being” of their child. These sacrifices include cost, time, socialization and patience. It’s more of an inconvenience for parents to teach their children, because they have to take time out of their busy schedules to be with their kids and at the same time work their jobs in order to finance themselves.
Although parents may have their own reasons for wanting to homeschool their children, they’re unaware that they’re hurting themselves and their children more than helping them due to the ultimately poor education they are receiving.
It’s expensive to homeschool children. As opposed to public school systems that offer free education, parents have to worry about gathering the necessary resources to ensure that they are following the correct curriculum. Parents are responsible for purchasing textbooks, course materials (assignments and assessments) and software such as a new computer. At the end of the day, is all that spent money really worth it?
Socialization plays a prominent role in the development of a child. Children that go to public school have the opportunity to mature and interact with children their own age. By receiving education from only a parent, the child is limited to socially interact with others. This could effect the emotional development of the child in a negative manner, because they’ve never had the opportunity to interact and befriend children their own age.
Patience is key when it comes to parents teaching their children. Parents that can’t keep their children focused on what they’re trying to teach are in for an arduous journey. Some children aren’t motivated to learn from their parents and think of the idea of homeschooling as more of a joke. This in turn can cause a giant dilemma when it comes to the child not learning what’s included in the curriculum.
It’s ultimately the Americans choice on how they want their children to be educated. Although homeschooling may seem like an easier method of instructing; the actual concept is very difficult to grasp. It deals with many factors that really aren’t worth the hastle. Public and private school education is more efficient, and should be recognized as such.