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Rappers Wiz Khalifa and Future release weak projects

By Chris Skarnulis, Arts & Entertainment Editor
It’s only February, and the year is already off to a terrible start in the world of hip hop. Recording artists Wiz Khalifa and Future released projects over the weekend of Feb. 5, and it was not an occasion to celebrate. Wiz Khalifa released his sixth studio album, titled “Khalifa” and Future released his fourth studio album “Evol.” Each project contained repetitive beats and failed to bring anything unique to the table.
“Khalifa” Feb. 5
Khalifa rating

"Khalifa" album cover
Wiz Kalifa insulted the hip hop industry with his new

Following the release of several tracks on his SoundCloud page throughout 2015, Wiz Khalifa released the follow-up to his fifth studio album, “Blacc Hollywood” to kick off 2016. “Khalifa” was then released on Feb. 5 under Taylor Gang Records, Rostrum Records and Atlantic Records.
The album itself contains previously released tracks that came out earlier in 2015, including “Most of Us,” “No Permission” and the album’s sole single “Bake Sale.” “Bake Sale” samples the beat used in G-Eazy’s track “Order More” from his newest album “When It’s Dark Out,” and utilizes it in a negative manner.
The album’s lyricism mainly covers Khalifa’s love for marijuana, and overuses it to the point of annoyance. Despite an ensemble cast of supporting vocals from fellow Taylor Gang Records artists Ty Dolla $ign, Juicy J and Chevy Woods as well as fellow rapper Travi$ Scott and singer Courtney Noelle, the album is a lost cause.
The audio of the beat is very faint and contains weak lyrics from Khalifa and Scott alike. It contains a series of sounds and beats that provide more of a headache as opposed to catchy vibes. Overall, the album is a setback from Khalifa’s previous work due to a lack of creativity on his part.

“Evol” Feb. 6
Evol rating
"Evol" album cover
Future’s mumbling lyricism made for an awful album.

Future’s string of success continues following the release of his studio album “Dirty Sprite 2” in summer 2015 and his collaborative album “What a Time to Be Alive” with fellow rapper Drake released in the final quarter of 2015. He’s back to kick off the year with his newest album, “Evol,” but sadly it’s a failure.
“Evol,” released under A1 Recordings, Freebandz and Epic Recordings on Feb. 6 lacked originality compared to Future’s previously released projects. Despite production credits from well-respected producers DJ Esco and Metro Boomin, the album lacked a sense of flow that was necessary to make it great. The track that stuck out the most, due to its bothersome sound, is “Ain’t No Time.” Future raps “Kicking flavors Saint Laurent watch how I walk, man this paper be the reason why we talk.”
These lyrics highlight the amount of wealth that Future has accumulated in his career, and seems to brag about his arrogant status as a rapper. The project sees the return of the mumbling rapper lyrics that one simply cannot comprehend as well as tasteless beats that the average Future fan wouldn’t find appealing.
Bottom-line, Wiz Khalifa and Future, two prominent artists in the hip hop industry, failed to deliver in their newest projects. It seems their rise to fame has affected their work ethic, and they have lost the passion in the work they do. These albums are an insult to hip hop, and should be avoided at all costs.