Prideful and prejudiced


Many Americans have so much pride for the United States that they are blind to the rest of the world.

Many U.S. citizens are too proud of being American

By Camyle Cryderman, Editor-in-chief
America is the best country in the world. This phrase is heard over and over again by public figures stated without a doubt. Especially in this time of presidential elections, candidates constantly preach American pride to win over voters. While it is a positive view to support one’s home country, many Americans are so prideful that they become closed minded to the world. The United States of America is a wonderful country to live in and millions of people are blessed to be born here. The nation is free, accepting and opportune; However, that does not make it undoubtedly the best country in the world.
So many people are born, grow up and die in the United States having never left the country. With its ease of convenience and strong worldly presence, why would they? One could argue that technically there is no need to travel abroad, but I would beg to differ.

american eagle
Many Americans have so much pride for the United States that they are blind to the rest of the world.

After high school, I was blessed with the opportunity to spend three months traveling Europe. There were many times that I felt uncomfortable and craved aspects of America that can’t be found anywhere else. However, this experience did not increase my pride for the United States, it actually heightened my desire to learn about different nations.
When people who express extreme pride in America are confronted with the idea that another country may be more successful in any aspect, they take offense. They argue about why they feel America is better and tend to not even consider the other country. This extreme prideful-ness is creating an army of closed minded people who unfortunately have no desire to experience the outside world.
Not only is this harming individuals, it is harming the United States as a whole as well as its global presence. The less people have a desire to learn about and explore other nations, the more ethnocentric they will become. People who harbor the extreme view that America is number one lend themselves to a growing superiority complex in America. This creates a sort of prejudice that goes along with not wanting to associate with other cultures. If everyone would allow themselves to consider the ways of other countries, they could learn much about policies that in reality may work better than those in the United States.
According to, the United States is the only industrialized country that actively states its pledge of allegiance in schools aside from North Korea. While these two countries are not really comparable in any aspect, it goes to show how from a young age, Americans are lead to believe their country is the best.
Having tame pride in the United States is an understandable and acceptable feeling. Praising one of the world’s superpowers for providing a safe, comfortable place to live makes sense. But America is not the best country in the world, there is no such thing as a best country in the world. Every country has its positive and negative attributes that others could learn from, including the United States of America. In order for the nation to continue to grow and evolve, people need to realize that there truly is such a thing as being too prideful in one’s country.