Cleanse the soul

The importance of living healthy

By Elizabeth Casella, Managing Editor
Type two Diabetes, bone disease, nutritional deficiency, rickets, scurvy and other common diseases of third world nations can all have devastating side effects due to unhealthy living. These diseases are a real threat and more common in today’s society. Side effects can be life threatening and remain until they cause death. Treatment is usually possible but complicated and takes long periods of time— sometimes years.
A healthy lifestyle can help prevent all of these issues and improve one’s well-being according to the World Health Organization. This can start with simple changes, such as diet and supplement adjustments. It can also mean joining a workout program or exercising either at the gym, or outside. Being healthy is important to living a longer, fuller life, but does not have to mean losing weight. Losing weight can be detrimental in certain situations where individuals are already at the proper weight or underweight for their body type. Some people may go about losing weight in the wrong way as well by using methods such as low calorie diets, drugs, purging, skipping meals, smoking and other ways that can be extremely harmful to the bodies health systems in the long run.

cleanse the soul
Living a healthier lifestyle can lead to a well-rounded, longer and happier life.

A health care professional should always be consulted before making any drastic life changes towards becoming healthier, and even though the changes can be difficult, everyone has to start somewhere. The best way to begin is to make small adjustments to one’s diet. Research is necessary because certain choices can be body type specific as well as have other factors. It is important to research what is best for one’s specific body type, age, physical activity, gender and other general lifestyle qualities. Some helpful sites for research include and
Once an appropriate diet is determined, making simple changes can begin. Eating the proper amount of fruits, vegetables and other food group quantities are important to have a balanced diet. One example to slowly implement changes is to cut one or two snacks a day out of the regular routine or by drinking water to replace a pop or energy drink a few times a week. Bigger decisions such as a full diet should come later on to make the changes easier for the body to accept.
Another key to living healthier is daily activity. This can be any activity that gets the heart rate above its normal pace for at least an hour at a time. Starting off, if someone has never worked out before, it is important to stay safe to prevent injury and permanent bodily harm. Simple activities such as walking, riding a bike, jogging or joining clubs can supplement these needs. There are many options such as bikram yoga, Zumba, sports teams and Crossfit. The best way to work out is to find something enjoyable for the individual, so that exercising is not like a chore.
Within the past year, deciding to be healthier was one of the best decisions I made. My dietary habits have improved immensely, and I honestly enjoy working out now when before I loathed it. I joined Crossfit and made many new friends in addition to having new experiences I never would have if I did not decide to change my life for the better. I feel energized when I wake up in the morning and my overall appearance has improved while gaining more muscle. I also discovered that it can provide a new resource for education about health.
Living a healthy lifestyle has only positive effects. It can prevent many horrible diseases from ever being a threat to one’s life and improves one’s overall day to day living. It is important to care about one’s body and health to live a longer, fuller life.