An outdated culture

The days of woman accepting mens’ manners have died

By James Paxson, Sports Editor
With every special occasion, birthday, and anniversary, it seems that couples tend to celebrate big with a fancy date. These kinds of date nights start out with a fancy dinner and right when the man goes to open the passenger door, the girl will look him right in the face and say “I can do it myself.”
It is a well-known fact that women can do anything a man can do, but if women keep complaining that chivalry is dead, men will eventually not even wear pants in public. Gentlemen are a dying bread for this generation and it will keep getting worse thanks to independent women.

women's independence
Women’s independence has left chivalry in the past

Back in the “good old days,” the man went to work to provide for his family and the women stayed at home. That is not what men are trying to do anymore; men are just trying to be polite.
The difference between polite and trying to put women in the kitchen is huge. Polite gentlemen open doors for women, pay for dinner, walk on the nearest side of the road and do their very best to protect women. With that being said, men are not trying to tell women they cannot open doors, pay for dinner or protect themselves, they are simply trying to be polite. Polite men are just trying to be nice, but women seem to be becoming too independent.
One example that proves women beat chivalry with a shovel until it bled out is can be seen through the example of a man pulling out a chair out for a lady. What used to happen back in the “olden days” is a man would kindly pull a chair out for a lady and she would say, “thank you.”
Now a day’s most of the time when a kind hearted gentleman pulls a chair out for a lady one of two things will happen. One, the woman will not say anything and give the man a disgusted look to prove she did not need his nice gesture or two the woman will say “I can do it myself,” and the man will be confused for pulling a chair out.
Men do not perform gestures such as holding doors and pulling out chairs because of the joy in them; they do it to be respectful.
The main goal that men want women to know is that they respect them. Men respect everything women do and agree they are more than capable of doing anything a man can do, but men will still be gentlemen. Just remember when there are no more gentlemen in this world; it is not because men are apathetic or jerks, it is because women killed chivalry.