Gamers unite

Project Playhem welcomes gaming enthusiasts

By Maddie Darling, Editorial Intern
Whether it’s getting down to some classic Dance Dance Revolution, participating in a Smash Bros. tournament, or just some stress relief in shooter games, Project Playhem is a very diverse club, as it withholds a variety of gaming styles. Not only is it welcoming to every student who needs to take a study break, but playing a variety of video games is encouraged.
Project Playhem was originally in 2008 by Antonio Perez, but the club was taken over by current club president, Kyle them to explore those opportunities,” said Director of Student Activities Todd Stowell on the importance of the club.
Project Playhem is an environment in which many students can find a place where they belong. The club is very accepting of many game styles and it is a great connection to find not only other times of games, but even meeting new people.
“It is a Good Community and a good way to meet new people,” said club member, Michael Ri’chard. “I’ve made a lot of friends last year coming to the club.”
With such a welcoming attitude, this club is definitely a highlight to Schoolcraft’s campus. Anyone who wants to make new friends or just enjoy a fantasy world for a few hours, Project Playhem is the club to join.
“I started the club because there simply wasn’t a gaming club, but there was a lot of gamers. I wanted to create a club that couldbring all of these gamers together as well as organize events and tournaments to bring in other as well to have a good time,” said Antonio Perez, Club founder.
On April 2 the club’s biggest event of the year, Noize gaming tournament, will be held. The Noize gaming tournament will be held in the Lower Waterman of the VisTaTech Center in the gaming area. This event is free and open to the public and is a celebration of the gaming culture with classic games such as Rockband, Guitar Hero and many more. This will be in addition to the Super Smash Brothers tournament that will occur throughout the day. Although the Noize event is free, those who chose to participate in the Super Smash Bros tournament will have a pay to play fee. Those who would like to compete can pre-register at for a price of $20, or attendees can pay $25 at the door. This event will also have food for purchase and a raffle. The raffle will have a surprise grand prize in addition to the giveaways from local business and Schoolcraft give cards. Proceeds from the fee of the Super Smash Brothers tournament will be used to go towards the raffle prizes as well as some donations returned back to Project Playhem as a fundraiser. Those planning to participate should bring their own equipment such as controllers, consoles and systems or games of their preference, but it is not required. This event is sponsored by Destiny Games, Gamestop, the Bookstore, Cricket Wireless, Game Start, and pulse gaming will be running the Super Smash Brothers tournament.