Affordable fashion

Thrift stores provide stylish clothes for a fraction of the price

By Kim Sorenson, News Editor

sal army outfitEveryone likes to look and feel good and a wardrobe that reflects personal style can help in accomplishing that. As most college students or anyone on a budget knows, it can be difficult to be fashionable without spending big bucks. Shopping at thrift stores is a clever way to get stylish clothes for less. Places like the Goodwill or the Salvation Army can have unique one of a kind, fashionable articles of clothing. Since anyone can donate to these places, it is sometimes hit or miss to find something that fits a person’s personal taste, but the effort is usually worth the end result. Those dedicated enough to sift through the unfavorable clothes can find designer treasures ranging anywhere from a dollar to ten dollars, a fraction of the original retail price.


UNEDITEDsalvationarmy3_wellman_feb22Complete outfits of all types can be found at the thrift store. A second hand dress, scarf and boots can be combined to make a cute spring time outfit. Thrift store shoppers can also make cute cut-offs from outdated jeans with designer labels, such as Tommy Hilfiger’s, Gucci and True Religion. Cute and functional athletic wear can be found at the thrift store, with a wide variety of styles and sizes. There is also a wide array of jewelry, from rings to broches, in all sorts of colors and styles. 


UNEDITEDsalvationarmy4_wellman_feb22Men can find plenty of fashionable clothing at thrift stores as well. There is a surplus of stylish  sweaters. Oxford shoes are available at most thrift stores, along with rugged boots and mildly used tennis shoes. One can find affordable, high quality work out clothes, since spending money on clothes just to sweat in doesn’t really seem worth it. There are plenty of quality jackets that guys can find at their local Salvation Army, usually heavier coats that are fashionable and warm.

UNEDITEDsalvationarmy2_wellman_feb22Going to the thrift store is a new adventure every time. While finding the perfect article of clothing is never guaranteed, saving big on clothing staples is always worth it in the end. From vintage to upscale, thrift stores have options for all.  Go out and hunt through the aisles, people may be surprised at what they can find.

Local thrift stores:


12651 Middlebelt Rd, (734) 245-0115

Salvation Army

33600 Plymouth Rd, (734) 425-7573

Disabled American Veterans Thrift Store

8050 N Middlebelt Rd, (734) 513-6020