Over the limit

The growing population of the world is harming the planet

By Camyle Cryderman, Editor-in-Chief

According to gohive.com, in 1966, the population of the world was 3.3 billion people. Now, in 2016, just 50 years later, that population has grown to an astronomical 7,404,976,783 people. If the populace of the earth continues to increase at this rate, it will become unsustainable.

The population has grown more in the past 50 years than in the entire history of the world. While some may not see that as a big deal, it represents the extreme percent of growth that is occurring each year. The United Nations, as stated on un.org, expects that the population will increase by over one billion people in the next 12 years, and reach over 9.6 billion total people by the year 2050. This number is almost unbelievable and with limited natural resources available and an increasing pollution, it might prove unmaintainable.

If the population continues to increase at its current rate, the world could face catastrophe within the next century.

While it is true that the percent of population growth has slowly been decreasing since 1962, the population is still increasing, which causes a problem. No matter what the percentage is, if the amount of people on earth, continue to grow it will eventually become too much. Whether this limit is reached in 10, 100, or even 1,000 years it needs to be addressed now. When the earth’s resources are used up, it will be too late.

Essentially, the only way to stop population growth is to stop reproducing. However, it is not logical or even ethical to suggest a ban or limit on having children. It should not be the job of the government to limit the amount of children people are having. Individuals need to thoroughly consider what the effects of bringing more life into the world are before they reproduce. While the impacts of overpopulation may not show in this lifetime, parents need to think about their children’s life and future.

According to an article from June 2014 on USAtoday.com, BP conducted a report that found at current production rates, the world only has 53.3 years of oil use left before it is gone. People don’t often think about issues like this, but with nonrenewable resources like oil, they will one day run out. They will simply be gone. Is it really fair to bring more children into this world consciously knowing that they may have to live the majority of their life with available oil; one of the most widely utilized resources?

Everyone deserves to have a family if they so choose, but if they really consider the well-being of the future for their child and the earth, maybe they would reconsider. There is nothing wrong with reproduction, but family planning is essential. People need to take charge in limiting the growth of the population in order to help preserve the earth. Everyone needs to become aware of the importance of population growth and resource sustenance, because it could save the planet one day.