Queen of controversy

Beyoncé’s Super Bowl 50 performance incites debate

By Dylan Randolph, Online Editor

People around the world have taken part in a controversial debate over whether Beyoncé’s performance during Super Bowl 50’s halftime show was ethical or not. The controversy revolves around  Beyoncé purposely having her backup dancers dress up as Black Panther activists and do the famous pose from the Black Panther movement with their fists in the air.

Beyoncé’s performance of the controversial song “Formation” at Super Bowl 50 was inappropriate.

Beyoncé chose an  inappropriate platform in order to demonstrate the anti-law enforcement campaign. She has the right to her opinion regarding  law enforcement but choosing to demonstrate this at one of the most viewed sporting events of the year is not the appropriate platform to do so. Making a public stand against something she believes in is one thing, but having her dancers dress up as activists that would kill law enforcement is unacceptable, especially in a world where law enforcement issues are already a highly controversial topic in the United States.

By performing a stunt like this, she is placing blame on all law enforcement as ones who abuse their power and will take innocent lives on purpose.  As well as saying that when these incidents occur, no consequences are given, but the fact is that is not true. Most police officers are law abiding citizens that will enforce fairly, just as anyone else will. Yes, there are a few that slip through the cracks, but that happens with every profession. There have been doctors who have prescribed medicines that ended up killing people on purpose, but they do not get reprimanded or criticized as a whole, so why does law enforcement receive unfair judgment?

Another aspect that Beyoncé chose to mention about the topic after a post-performance interview is that she is a proud supporter of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. African American lives do matter, but are they the only ones that matter? No, all lives matter; it shouldn’t matter if the people are white, black, Hispanic, Asian, or any other ethnicity. If someone is innocently killed there should be consequences. The fact that Beyoncé is focused on that movement is very self-centered and unprofessional. Everyone can agree that things need to be changed in this country but it should not be solely about race. What it should be about is that innocent lives are being taken, but not just by law enforcement, but also in any unfair killing.

When Quentin Tarantino chose to speak out against law enforcement he said, “only a few police officers actually behave professionally on the job.” Now if this were true, why is it now suddenly coming to the surface in the media? These celebrities don’t realize that when it is them that need help because something was stolen or someone was hurt, that law enforcement are going to be the ones who show up, not the fans.

With celebrities speaking out against law enforcement, such as Lebron James and Derrick Rose wearing shirts during their NBA games that say, “I can’t breathe,” referring to an incident where a young man was strangled by police, it is no surprise that law enforcement receive hate from the fans that idolize these celebrities. If any artist or celebrity wants to take a stand against law enforcement or any other issues that plague America today, they need to do it in a professional matter.