Outrageous funding


Online crowdfunding  is not beneficial to all

By Elizabeth Casella, Managing Editor
Crowdfunding online is the hottest new way to fundraise. Popular sites like GoFundMe, allow individuals to create a fundraising campaign online  and invite others to take part in their story, while attracting financial support.  These sites can actually be beneficial to those that need financial support such as cancer patients, those with special needs, and medical bills. Unfortunately, others use the website as a way to try to get money for ludicrous reasons. Some of those  reasons include funding for vacations, removal of face tattoos, reimbursing someone that spent all their money on lottery tickets and even creating a campaign to help Kayne West get out of debt.
“Crowdfunding online can be a great way to raise money for causes that are in need or to help those that are less fortunate, but it has gotten out of hand when more people are donating to helping a woman remove her face tattoo instead of donating a small boy’s cancer treatments,” said Schoolcraft freshman Tessa Valentini.
Some of the most ridiculous pages that the site has seen recently are the “Help Jah get to Vegas in May” fund and the “Tired of Being Broke Page.” Most of these pages have seen little if any action, but the concept that they may have been donated to at all is outrageous. GoFundMe doesn’t just let any story get posted. In fact, the site has shut down several campaigns. The site will shut down pages for violations of the terms and uses that are outlined as to why the site should be used.
“I would never give money to any cause online through a GoFundMe page because you never know if the people that created the page are being honest. It just doesn’t seem like a good idea,” said Schoolcraft Sophomore Olivia Blastis
On February 15, 2016, a user on GoFundMe created a page that has received national news coverage to raise funds to  that will go to getting Kayne West out of his $53 million debt. West has publicly stated he would refuse the funds received through the site, but over $7,000 and counting has been given to the page. West as requested the funds to be allocated to a non-profit organization instead, to help aspiring musicians fulfill their hopeful dreams.
“GoFundMe has shut down some of the truly bad causes. I think that is a good thing, that the site is monitoring some of the pages and trying to get rid of the pointless ones, but at the same time it is an open site so people do have a right to try to raise money for whatever they want it seems,” said Schoolcraft student Alison McDonald.
Crowdfunding can be beneficial when it comes to utilizing it for the right cause. Unfortunately GoFundMe has started to become a joke though with pages that are uncensored and there are pages for almost everything.