Love the locks

Spring Facial hair and Up-do trends for 2016

By Elizabeth Casella and Chris Skarnulis, Managing Editor and Arts and Entertainment Editor
As the seasons change, so do the styles and fashion trends. Spring is a chance to ditch the heavy winter clothing and try out new hairstyles lighter hair styles as well. From facial hair to springy up-dos, there is a style for every occasion. After hiding under hats and scarves all winter, it is time to uncover the locks for some fun under the sun.

messy up do braid
Braided messy bun (image from

The messy up-do is a simple and stylish trend for the woman on the go. Throwing the hair in a bun or having the low ponytail is the perfect look for any occasion and can be dressed up or down depending on the hair accessories. Braids are also trending and are back in style, it is not just for the country girls anymore. Classic braids can always be worn in typical styles or be dress up or down. Center twist braids, French braids and fishtails are always an easy option for the girl with long hair and little time.
Loose curls are a classic look that will never go out of style. They give a natural body and wavy look to the hair. They have a light and airy vibe, while still having the “just got out of bed” persona. It is the perfect style to sport while visiting the beach for the first time or getting out of the house for a relaxed visit to a coffee shop. These waves can also be sported in a ponytail or a half up, half down look.
Every hairstyle can always be finished off with a simple or not simple headband or head crown. Flowers are not only for the garden, but can be a lovely hairpiece. Wearing them as simple clips or as a full on crown depending on one’s style will bring a bold center point to one’s hair. The headbands that are simple fabric or thin elastic in plain pastel colors will enchant those with a more minimalistic taste. Simple is always better if the hair is being worn up, but if the hair is being worn down and needs some extra attention hair clips, a headband or a flower crown in bright spring colors or simple pastels is the perfect finish.
Facial Hair
Trimmed Beard (image from

The contemporary thick beard continues to dominate as the trendiest beard of 2016. A somewhat grown out mane with thick fuzz gives off a classy hipster vibe. An arm or body covered in tattoos could compliment the beard as well, giving the beard a rugged and outlandish look. This look has been well-received in the fashion industry and will hopefully continue throughout the year.
The classic extended goatee, a combination of a moustache and beard, continues its saga of popularity into the year. This style fits well with both short and long hair. The signature goatee looks great on different genres of fashion, such as a preppy look or a rugged countryman look. It’s very easy to maintain with an electric razor and doesn’t require high maintenance. This is the go-to style for those that want some facial hair, but not a full beard.
For those who prefer not to be cleanly shaven, stubble is the next best thing. Also known as 5 o’clock shadow, this look has maintained its popularity for years. Stubble can be achieved by shaving with an electric razor instead of a disposable razor. Slightly grown out stubble gives the individual a mature as well as professional look. This look is sure to be a hit with the ladies or men, and fits in well with the upcoming summer months ahead.