Rising star

Ocelots infielder shines on and off the field

By Elizabeth Casella, Managing Editor

player of the year
Lipinsky is a strong asset to the first year softball team

Competitiveness, respect and talent are all words that describe the lady Ocelots’ freshman softball infielder Kassidy Lipinski. Lipinski is an up and coming star on the field with powerful bats brought to the plate, quick feet on the bases and outstanding plays in the field. Lipinski not only impresses with her softball skills, but also shines with her talent as a singer, songwriter and musician.
“She brings such a positive attitude towards the team and always works her very hardest to better herself,” said Schoolcraft softball pitcher and outfielder Alaina DeFrain.
In 2015, Lipinski graduated from Livonia Stevenson High School where she left quite an impression. In her senior year she revealed her singing talents by winning the Spartan Idol competition that is all based of student votes. She shared her original works by performing two of her own songs and stole hearts with her soulful voice.
“I write from personal experience and things I’ve been through. It’s an easy way to get my feelings out of my mind and onto paper and create something good from it,” said Lipinski.
Her singing roots began when she was four years old and she Lipinski taught herself to play piano and guitar when she was 13 years old. Lipinski would spend her days singing along to Shirley Temple movies and try to sing to anyone who would listen. Lipinski can be found in her free time recording music or writing songs. She hasn’t performed in front of a crowd since her high school Spartan Idol win, but plans to in the near future if she can find time in her busy schedule.
“She has a great personality and always keeps the team laughing and smiling with her humorous nature. She also is an incredibly talented vocalist and musician and loves to compose her own music. She has shared a few of her original recordings with me and I was quite impressed,” said softball Coach Rey Linares.
kassidy singing
Kassidy takes the spotlight to demonstrate her singing abilities.

Lipinski is a high skilled player both offensively and defensively. She was able to step into a starting middle infield position. It is no secret that she is one of the team’s top offensive weapons. She is also currently one of the lady ocelots’ top batters statistically. She does not accept anything less than a strong performance from herself on the field and holds a strong competitive fire within that is always in gear during practice and games.
“Kassidy is the great player she is because of the hard work she puts in at practice. On the field, passion radiates from her, which brings a great aura to the team. She is a very sweet and considerate person on and off the field. She is nice to everyone and I’ve never heard negativity from her. She is a great teammate anyone would be lucky to have,” said Captain Elaine Gerou.
Lipinski is a driven, well-rounded player and student. Keep an eye out on the field for this young freshman talent that is sure to continue impressing the crowd, in addition to her teammates and coaches in the coming games.